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Thu 25th Feb 2021 08:54

Syrgja Journal Entry VI

by Syrgja

Rain, all the way to Gethara. I hope to find Cassandra, maybe get enough information to track down this shady entity operatinfg in the area. Murder of Ravens. Asai ran off, as she is want to do, careless to the help she may provide us.
In the distance we saw the village on fire, bodies lay on the ground, fire, smoke, rain, chaos. Making our way into town, we turn down a street and see a group of Kobolds with the children of the town taken hostage.
We sprang into action, trying to save as many of the children as we could, sad to say that two were slain. The people of the village were not very eager to help us after we had defeated the kobolds and taken one hostage, whom had a note directing us north. They seemed more upset at the loss than gracious for those that were saved.
I'm not very surprised, most people of this realm wear their sadness and grief as a badge of honor.
We were able to track a group of Kobold to a clearing, they having some children and the reason for our journey Cassarah with them. We had our prison in tow, but he was in to bad a shape to take with us. I left cuts in the trees to follow our trail if Asai decided to show up, I hope she gets eaten by a bear or falls into a ravine on her way to find us. I worry not for the trees, they are hearty and will cover their wounds in time.
The children are being loaded into wagons with The Grey Trading Company insignia emblazoned upon them. The next morning there is evidence of, consumption of some of the prisoner children.
My blood is hot now. Underneath the surface is an ever roiling, boiling river of scorching rage. I will kill the perpetrators of this hideous act or die trying.
Asai sees fit to lecture me on the wounding of the trees that she might find us.
I may kill her. Not only had she abandoned us with no word or council taken as to what she would be doing, but now she sees fit to lecture us. It is all I can do to contain my anger with her. I need to unleash this anger or my wrath will swallow me whole and I may hurt those that do not deserve it.
Following the carts, we make our way into the hills northeast of Sherborne eventually leading to the mine which can only be the same entered by Ewans mother so long ago.
We make our way down into the darkness, when Asai finally makes herself useful to someone other than herself and finds a hidden passageway which I am able to enter by using my awesome punching techinque. Eventually the rest of the group also is able to enter this small, dark hallway...unsure of what is laid ahead of us.