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Wed 17th Feb 2021 08:16

Syrgja Journal Entry V

by Syrgja

Xenovu came to the tavern to let myself and Miriele know that they indeed had apprehended the red haired human. Daia.
Mirele was well into her cups at this point. Generally it seems when people get so deeply into the drink they are trying to squash something inside. I shall have to keep an eye on her, as it seems whatever you try to cover in the numbness of booze it will claw its way to the surface in a damaging way when drunk.
The following passage gives me no pleasure.
They have her bound in an abandoned house in town. The cat begins to interrogate her, I tried to assist, telepathically enhancing her speech. We needed answers and quickly.
The Murder of Ravens has her family captured at an undisclosed location. Blackmail. The group had dumped her sisters body on her doorstep. A murderous collection of people not afraid to die, and no qualms with wiping entire families out...this is getting darker as we get deeper. We need more.
We are able to get that she took a boy to a camp north of here and that she is probably having her every move being watched.
We venture north and prepare for a batttle. We hide within striking distance as Daia readies herself for her meeting. Soon a man in black appears in a shimmer and approaches Daia at the camp. He whispers into her ear and hands her something, and she screams NO at the top of her lungs. The man throws a dart, likely poisoned into her neck and she falls into convulsions.
Battle is formed. The man has some kind of magical protection as I landed a solid hit on him but he seemed to not be phased. Archers in the treeline let loose and land a shot in my shoulder grievously wounding me.
I yelled and scooped Daia into my arms, running back towards Miriele and Asai, hoping they could heal her in some fashion.
I was furious at Asai as I saw her rifling through Daia belongings. She stayed to far away to be of assistance in the fight and here she was stealing from a suffering young woman.
At this point, with her family almost senteced to certain death, and black veins emerging in her meck and face, I knelt down, reached out with my mind and asked Daia if she wished to be saved. She responded that indeed she did. We sprang into action.
Mirele and Asai were able to slow the effect of the poison in the young woman and Stig got her back to a place of healing in Sherborne at a temple of Zymmera.
Daia is in a coma, but stable. I tried to impress upon the temple guard the importance of keeping her well guarded as she may have more information that can help us, but I fear I could not make them understand the gravity of the situation.
We found the note that the man passed to her, Gethara Cassarah Sidney Human Female, black hair brown eyes dark skin. 7th of Uriel
We discussed out option and decide to head for Gethara.