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Thu 11th Mar 2021 08:36

Syrgja Journal Entry VIII

by Syrgja

Stig and I are met on the way back to Ewans house by Ewan himself, hauling his fathers body, minus a hand and his sister was nowhere to be found according to Ewan.
I follow them back towards the temple of Zymmera, leaving his father to be healed. We follow back to the Pendragon estate.
We split up at this point and try to gather information.
I am sent to the Arcaneum branch to do some recon and see if the imposter Sindri shows up.
I do not see him.
back at the house we go over the information that we have learned.
I report I did not see anyone entering or leaving the Arcaneum
Stig reported that the Grey trading company has a huge warehouse in the city that he could not infiltrate. But could not find anything suspect happening, he went around town and found nothing shady happening at the various grey trading carts that he saw.
Muriel found that a mix of people never came home, she went to various homes where people who lived alone and found signs of struggle. 17 reports of invasion/assaults or people not returning home. Anyone with no star or blackbird bu there name on the list had families to speak of, strange considering them using Daias family as a ransom. All starred names had families and were the ones reported missing, they took place of various ages.
Ewan has found from his contact Roxie that his sister is in the dark but on the move, discovering she is being taken to a farmhouse in a wooded area. Erowyn provided the info that there about four or fivr farmhouses north of Sherborne, told a story about one of the houses being used by a gang for trafficing or for stolen goods.
We figure that they are smuggling people somehow using these farmhouses.
He also said that three of the people that attacked his house were guards and that a couple patrols have gone missing. This is very disturbing. We are in over our heads and I am determined to get help from a higher echelon of authority than an be found in Sherborne.
In Lilathris journal. years before the missing children, she mentions that she cleaned up a smuggling ring in the north woods, smuggling dangerous rare animals and illicit substances. 6 or 7 houses they investigated, her and Ethandor found a Large farmhouse deep in the northern woods, completely enveloped by the forest.
We visit the man we caught during the break in at Asais bookstore, who was imprisoned. the man had an ashen white visage with black tears dripping down his face. Someone got to him before we could. A step behind as usual. Some type of poison from a black lotus flower. As its ingested the subject always dies at midnight, very rare and expensive.
There is an obvious infiltration of the guards of this city and who knows who else.
I am drafting a letter to the Ayers University. In my past life on the sea I would often look to the horizon to catch the glint of the universities white towers shining in the sunrise, leading us in to Port Ayers. Always a welcomed and comforting sight. From the talk at the docks it is a place of great learning and many of the smartest people in Durlon are said to walk its halls. I'm hoping against hope I can convince the college to look its eyes towards Sherborne and the rot that is festering under the surface of this area, lest it overtake and choke us all.
The letter Surge pens to the University is recounted as follows:
To whom it may concern at Ayers University,
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this as warning and a plea, so please take heed of the following account and do not delay in providing any aid possible. Various heinous actions recently undertaken in the area of Sherborne and the surrounding territory have come to coalesce into a knot of alarming and sinister conspiracy. These actions which I will account in detail as I understand presently, hint at much larger machinations, the scale of which I currently cannot know, but may possibly infiltrate to the upper echelons of the Durlonian society. *Herein Surge goes into great detail about his encounters with the Ravens, the kidnappings, the corruption of the Otemus Arcanium, the Aether crystals both red and black, and the connections to the investigations and disappearance of Lilathris and how he has befriended the Silver Guardian, her son.*
So, as is made plain by the recounting of my recent encounters and dealings, something disquieting is happening here. There are schemes and plots at work that I fear we have not wide enough vision to see the scope of. I humbly request you send any and all aid possible to the city at once, that you may possibly find what is behind this corrupting of the Aether, and help us lay bare the plans of whatever malevolent will sets itself against us.
Yours humbly,
Syrgja son of Gortar, Ward of Kendrick Hathwayes