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Fri 26th Mar 2021 07:53

Syrgja Journal Entry IX

by Syrgja

Today we return to the northwood, searching for these farmhouses that are potentially hiding more of these Ravens and their victims.
Mirielle returns to the Pendragon household with a new person in tow. A Half Elf that claims to have some proficiency in healing. After everything that has happened and the skin changing and underhanded cloak and dagger goings on I cant say I'm not suspicious. She is supposedly personally invested in some way to rooting out this evil. We shall see if Celia regrets choosing courage over comfort.
The good sheriff of Rylye is able to give us some information on locating a farmhouse to the north, we are to follow the forest until a plague of crystal mutation will make the forest very hard to navigate, which will mean we are close to the farmhouse.
Celia is proving herself very useful, helping us track the movement of a cart through the forest. Entering the crystal growth section of the forest was a quite a sight. Black crystal growing and jutting from the ground, the trees, like the rotten teeth of some beast born of the very earth, bursting forth and slowly closing its mouth around us.
Mireille's adventurous nature is often motivating. She is often the balm to ease the worry of taking that first step into the chasm of the unknown. Today however, her temerarious nature was almost her undoing. She cast a spell at a cluster of the black crystals, she instantly suffered some manner of requital, draining her of her vitality and casting a great shadow on her normally heartening demeanor.
We made the decision to retreat from this cursed maw and rest in a less dangerous portion of the forest.
The next morning we are back in pursuit of the cart thanks to Celias tracking skill. Eventually we happen upon the farmhouse we have been searching for and see that it is indeed guarded by some of these Ravens. As we stealthily approach, trying to surveil the house and see what manner of operation they have working here, a loud crashing sound, heralding the attack of a now GIANT sized ewan Pendragon, dashes all thought of subtlety or cunning.
Though I am disappointed we are charging mindlessly into battle, I can commiserate with the young tieldracen. He has seen his father gravely injured and his sister taken.
In a world like this, I think to myself as I charge screaming into the melee,
Family is everything.