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Thu 21st Jan 2021 09:37

Syrgja Journal Entry I

by Syrgja

After the events of today I have decided to keep a journal.
Today was the 4th day of the Lifebloom Festival in Sherborne
Today I decided I would go down and enjoy myself. Maybe find some food.
I found food.
Fish and cookies are a good combo.
I saw Asai and Merielle, Merielle gave me a turkey leg it was very good with my Cockerel Chip Cookie.
The fireworks display was very good. The colors remind me of the sunsets of my fishing village, Koa. I miss my family.
Suddenly, there was a fire in the direction of Asais book store, one of my favorite places, close to my home.
I followed Asai and Murielle towards the fire. Harlans Homely Books is burning. the smoke stung my eyes but gave me an excuse for the tears. I really liked this place.
The fish monger and cookie man were entering the bookstore, as well as another person I did not recognize.
We ran inside to see them battling some sort of intruders. These intruders had set the fire and it was spreading.
I was very angry and helped the fish monger destroy one of these arsonists.
These arsonists did not care if they survived. Also they were tattooed with a black Raven and a red scratch field behind.
I followed Merielle into the living space of Harlans, hoping to save anything important of my friend Asai, whom I have a good business relationship and friendship with. I do not know where Asai was at this time.
We saved some books and some skinny cats.
We found a room. I cant bring myself to relive what we saw. Who is Asai? What was she doing? Why does she not care for the books she lost.
Xenovo is a terrible interrogator.
We head to a house of a man Thoron, connected with a man named Ewan, who has helped us in the bookshop.
I have a lot of questions and no most of my life. Can I trust any of these people? What are we getting into?