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Thu 28th Jan 2021 02:00

Syrgja Journal Entry II

by Syrgja

We entered Thorons house, his Dwarven body was on the floor in the kitchen and blood was everywhere. The space was completely wrecked.
Ewan was brave about the whole thing, very admirable in my eyes. One of the greatest measures of a person is how they react when the people they love are gone. The young Tieldracen is made of strong stuff.
Ewan went upstairs and I followed to help him search. The vandals had also wrecked the upstairs.
By virtue of my past pulling valuables from shipwrecks (for there are few more guileful than a sea fairing man trying to hide a precious bauble or treasure), I was able to find the latch behind the dresser, which activated a false wall with a hidden chest therein.
Ewan was able to open the chest with a key that Miriele had discovered well hidden on the Dwarfs body. I stood a distance away and let the man go through the contents. Privacy is important.
I noticed that Stig was very uncomfortable around the body...maybe the blood put him off? Odd for a prospective hero.
My whole view on Asai has changed in the span of few hours, her flippant treatment of the dead, her joy at collecting and consuming the food of a dead man...
Collecting all the evidence we could find, Ewan bade us be off to the house of his family.
As we walk I consider Ewan and his hero mother The Silver Maiden Lilathris. I would think whosoever could win the hand of such a renowned legend would be quite the man. From what Ewan has said though, he has devolved into a man of ill temper and is frequently sloppy with drink.
The Pendragon household was quite a nice place. The smith was well kept and the craftsmanship was good quality.
The beauty of the grounds belied a rot growing inside, like a shell holding the corpse of a long dead mollusk.
Ewans father Alvord, an elf, was deep into his cups. Asai and Alvord have some sort of contentious past, part of me wants the drunkard to smash her skull in. Stig took a swing at Alvord and was caught in the middle of his attack with ease. Alford moves eight the practiced grace of a fighter, and I hope the giant is more useful in battle than that.
Ewans Tieldracen sister Giselle was a gracious host despite her father.
We spend the night in the comfort of the Pendragon estate. In the morning Miriele makes breakfast for us all, I am very appreciative.
Over the next few hours, some very interesting information makes itself known.
My assumptions are correct, Alvord was once a formidable fighter and adventurer, yet he and Lilathris swore off adventuring when they got married after an encounter with a being named Selafor a possible Ravenger.
Giselle is informed of the fact that her Mother may still be alive. She is surprised.
After Ewan had a conversation with his father of which I was not privy, I asked him to show me around the Smithy.
Something inside me said that even though I am already well equipped with my great axe, I should purchase something from the the Pendragon Smith. Maybe some business would help this former warrior find his courage and get off the drink.
I purchased a Greatsword from Giselle, it is a fine weapon and I shall put it to great use in the future.
Ewan had heard of my dealings with the landlord. I tried to laugh it off though I may have offended his more noble sensibilities. I find the notion of rent itself of great....annoyance, sometimes I let my temper get the better of me.
Here we come to the first occurrence of what may only described as an extraordinary occurrence.
Giselle and Ewan use the key emblazoned with an ā€œLā€ that summons a glowing doorway in the smith area. The doorway leads to a small office in the back wall.
Also found is a pitch black crytsal orb and a journal with the letter L emblazoned upon it. the orb is a mystery. Miriele wanted to hand it over to Asai for inspection, as she was still eating, I told her to maybe keep this from her.
A roughly drawn Map fell out of the journal, and the journal detailed the final months leading up to Lilathis' disappearance.
It seems Lilathis was investigating the disappearance of local young people, just as we may soon be doing.
All the disappearances Lilathis remarked upon seems to have the common thread of aether sensitivity.
Lilathis was able to examine a body and found it totally emaciated with red crystals growing from the head and signs of torture, and all the bones in his right hand broken.
Sheriff Volen Human about 60yrs old now*
The end of the journal was a hastily scribbled mess about red orbs and escaping to save her family...
Years of traveling and looking at various maps has tickled something in the back of my mind, like the wisp of a flame about to stoke a bonfire, that section of map...I will need an expert on such matters, and wonder if my freind and benefactor can help me find what I seek.