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Fri 12th Feb 2021 01:08

Syrgja Journal Entry IV

by Syrgja

We take the rode to Dawndale, following the river. As we came to the crossroads to head towards the western forest and Rylye there was good fishing to be had and Xenovu and I caught a mighty haul.
We arrived in town in the evening, seeing a missing persons poster for a gnome child named Elias. There were also the posters for the kids that went missing all those many years ago.
The tavern and the Inn are next door to eachother and the owners happened to be married as well. Milie runs the Steel Kettle Inn and her husband runs the tavern.
Xenovu was able to barter for our rooms with the fish we caught, I stayed in the background, lest my Nephilic blood cause a commontion to these simpler folk.
We had dinner and were informed by the sherrif that Elias was a gnome who had recently gone missing and was tapped by none other than Daia to go to the Academy he was around 14, black hair, green eyes and tan with a gnomish stature.
After interviewing the Martins, Muriele and Asai were able to ascertain that Daia would be in town the following day.
We set up posts all around town, and were able to see Daia heading into to town from the south, she stopped at the Martins, seemed genuinely surprised that Elias was not there, and made her way to the tavern.
We surrounded the place and I kept watch from the outside, from what I could tell, the attempts to get inside the womans head were not successful.
As Daia left the tavern, I was able to put a fear of uncertainty in her with my telepathic ability, such a simple, yet effective little tool in my aresenal.
My friends pursued her down the street and were able to subdue her in a non lethal fashion. We tie her up and take her the abandoned house that used to belong to a one of the families of the previously abducted children.
I am very interested to see what is brought to light in this investigation...