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Log 20: Sailing Onwards

Rewards Granted

  • One (1) Cask of Ale
  • One (1) Bunk Bed
  • One (1) Iron Sickle

  • Missions/Quests Completed


    - As the party left the black ruins, Rusticus popped out of Ryder's pocket  
  • The party filled Rusticus in on what happened since he vanished. They told him about all the research they had done on the floor, the maps that were missing, and their thoughts for where to go
  • gave Rusticus a quick rundown on Naro's captain-ship, and how everyone follows his orders on the boat
  • party begins sailing north, with opal looking out, continually whispering into Naro's ear from a distance
  • they see the dome around mammoth hill, and a storm to their west, but sail between the two ignoring them
  • opal is facing forwards, and doesn't look behind, but Rusticus is looking backwards -- he sees a dark shape in the water moving rapidly towards the boat. he tries to warn Naro and Ryder, but they both dismiss him
  • a massive crimson whale strikes the boat as it charges by, knocking Naro against the railing. Ryder and Kir both almost fall off the boat. Opal was unsecured in the crows nest, and is knocked out of it, falling over 100' to the ship deck below
  • mayhem ensues
  • Opal gets up, and begins healing herself, as she was in great pain
  • Rusticus didn't fall over, so he helps Naro up, then moves onto the main deck as Ryder and Kir pick themselves back up. everyone looks out front, and sees the whale making a slow circle, coming back towards them. Rusticus moves to the very front of the boat
  • Naro and Ryder give themselves mage armor, Kir moves to the front of the boat
  • The whale strikes the boat again, splintering can be heard, but everyone is prepared and doesn't fall over.
  • as the boat and whale pass each other again, Rusticus dives from the front of the boat, Immovable Rod in hand. He stabs it in full rage strength mode into the tough upper skin of the whale, and triggers it
  • Rusticus is thrown forward as the whale slams to a halt. The rod tears a 1' long gash into the top of the whale, but keeps it pinned in place. Rusticus barely manages to hold on to the top of the whale, as the boat continues to move past
  • Opal casts mage armor on herself
  • Naro spits acid at the whale
  • Ryder spits acid at the whale
  • Kir finally throws rope at Rusticus, while holding the other end. The dwarf grasps the rope as he gets tossed from the back of the whale, and gets reeled in.
  • High-fives all around
  • restarted the boating towards the waves of Sommerson. when nearing it, sails were trimmed, after a few failed attempts. anchor was dropped, and the boat ended up near the island
  • the island was explored, but not much was found in the ruins. it appears to be fairly empty, maybe used once a year. there's a bunch of pits, and one large one with some burned items in it. no magic was detected.
  • some newer buildings were found. Rusticus took a cask of beer, Naro took a bunk-bed, Opal took a sickle, Ryder put some rocks in his finding box
  • everyone went back to the boat, and loaded everything back onto it
  • sails were attempted to be rigged properly again, and again more people got tied up in ropes.
  • finally the boat got going, sailed for a few hours, heading straight towards a big storm
  • Naro decided to attempt to skirt the edges, making the right call. he also had them trim the sails to 1/4, so as the wind wouldn't rip the sails off
  • Rusticus got drunk off his ass
  • the seas were rough, and Naro/Ryder got seasick, Rusticus got drunkenly seasick
  • the boat exited the storm, but everyone aside from opal was still sick, so they went below deck while opal managed caring for them, and ensuring the boat remained on course, while they slept off the sickness
  • the next day, most were still feeling the effects, but not as bad. Rusticus felt it the most.
  • Naro dictated how to sail, and opal steered the boat in towards Wandermere. a shiny clockwork servant waved them towards its self, and the party anchored the boat at the Wandermere docks, meeting C.A.R.E.

  • Character(s) interacted with

  • met C.A.R.E.

  • Created Content

    "You know, I think I hate oceans." Naro mused, loudly. He was at the helm of the Fire Resistant, steering the party away from Black Ruins, where he had just been viciously mauled by a group of sharks.   "Thanks again for s-" Naro continued, before he was interrupted by Rusticus bursting from Ryder's pocket. The Dwarf scrambled to his feet, and found his footing to be unsteady due to being on a ship at sea.   "This isn't the ship building headquarters anymore..." Rusticus muttered. He looked around, noticing Ryder and Kir, Naro, and Opal looking at him. "Oh, hey guys. What'd I miss?"  

      "So yeah, we didn't get any maps, Black Ruins nearly killed Naro, and now we want to get more information" finished Opal. She had taken the lead on filling in Rusticus as to what he had missed during his time in his Bracelet.   "Naro here is the captain of the boat, though we all agree, once that lil bard Tiddles comes back, he's the one that autta be in charge of this here boat!" she continued.   "Oh, of course." Commented Rusticus.   "Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing, it's all Markus here." Interjected Naro. One of his arms waved, and gave a thumbs up, as his companions gave him a weird look.   "As for our destination..." Murmured Opal, pulling out the map with the hastily drawn scribbles of storms given to them before. She took the map up to the helm, beside Naro, with Rusticus and Ryder following her. She unfurled the map, and the four of them looked at it together. The group briefly deliberated on where they wanted to go, and what they wanted to achieve.   "Well, that's as good a plan as any." Said Naro, after discussing the options. "We sail north, avoid the one storm, and visit The Waves of Sommerson . See if there's anything good there. After that, we hop back on the Fire Resistant, and sail due East, visiting Wandermere and learning all we can."   Opal rolled up the map, and stored it away again. Ryder, Opal, and Rusticus made their way back down to the main deck.   "Alright, lets go FAST!" yelled Naro. "Deck hands, unfurl the sails all the way!"   Rusticus and Ryder shared a look, before tackling the ropes strung about the ship. As Opal climbed up to the crows nest, Rusticus said sideways to Ryder. "Wow, these ropes sure are easy to deal with! I foresee a very easy sailing trip ahead of us."  
      "Yup, that there is some water alright."   "Hey there's the dome I mentioned before, the big force dome stopping folk from goin to or from Mammoth Hill, you can see it to our right. Starboard? Port? whatever."   "That there's some more water."   "It sure is good that I attuned my Planar Tuning Fork to yah, isn't that right Naro?" Opal said, as she continually whispered into Naro's ear from a distance. Her Planar Tuning Fork allowed her to act on Naro as if he was standing in front of her, so she chose to whisper everything she saw into Naro's ear.   A small, angry voice rose up from the deck below to meet Opal.   "STOP DOING THAT IT'S SO CREEPY"   Opal chuckled to herself, and continued her constant narration of what she saw from above. Her eyes were keenly peeled, surveying the view in front of the ship. She noted the passage of Mammoth Hill to her right, and the appearance of a dark, cloudy sky to her left. She relayed this information to Naro, who adjusted course to bring them slightly closer to the dome, so as to avoid the storm.   In the meantime, down on the deck, Ryder and Rusticus spent their time alternating between staring off into the distance, or walking around looking at parts of the boat. Occasionally Naro would ask for them to do something, but seeing as Naro was still a very inexperienced captain, and unhappy at sea, these orders did not come very frequently.   Naro jumped once more as another whisper intruded into his personal space.   "Hey cap, I think I can see an island ahead. We must be gettin close to... whazzit called, Sommerson? Summerson? Waves? Waves of Sommerson!"   As Naro visibly bristled at the intrusion once more, Rusticus called out from behind. The dwarf had been standing behind Naro, staring off into the distance behind the boat. "Hey uhh... Naro... is that a dark shape following us rather quickly?"   Naro turned his head slightly. "What? No. Probably a ray of sunlight or something."   Rusticus tried again. "I dunno... doesn't look like that. Ryder, you see it?"   Ryder didn't even bother leaving mid deck. He turned and called up to Rusticus and Naro. "Nope, I don't see anything."   Rusticus frowned. He went to the back rail, and took a closer look again. He quickly took a few steps backward, and breathed in, in an attempt to warn everyone for real this time. The shape he saw had breached the water -- a massive Crimson Whale made it's presence known, and it was clear it was targeting the boat. "HOLY S" is all Rusticus got out before the Whale struck the rear of the boat with it's full force. The boat shuddered from the impact, sending people sprawling to the deck.   Naro stumbled past the wheel, and landed hunched over on the rail. Both Ryder and Kir attempted to keep their footing, but fell backwards, nearly toppling over the sides of the ship. Opal, over 100' in the air, felt the boat shift more than those on deck below. The crows nest swung wildly, and as the elf was unsecured in her spot up there, Opal was tossed from the top of the mast. She fell quickly, streaking down towards the deck, having just enough time to frantically check her pockets for anything that might soften her fall.   Opal hit the deck with a resounding THUD, and all of the air was driven from her lungs. Her coat lay open, possessions strewn about the impact location.   "Owwwww..." she moaned weakly. "What the shit was that...."   Rusticus rushed over and helped Naro up. "TOLD YOU!" Was all the Dwarf said, as he hurried down the steps to the main deck, helping Naro and Kir to their feet. As he made his way towards Opal, the elf sat up, pressing her glowing hands to herself.   "Wow, that was close." Said Ryder, conversationally. "Almost fell off the boat there."   "OH, well ain't that SHAME" replied Opal, haughtily. "Meanwhile, I'm over hear HEALING 4 BROKEN RIBS AND RUPTURED ORGANS. Just fell damn near 130', and y'all are worried about fallin into a little water, goodness." She grumbled to herself, struggling to her feet.   "Uhhhhh..." started Rusticus, walking past Opal. "I think that whale is coming back around...."   "What's a whale?" asked Naro. His companions looked at him incredulously. "What? I told you, I hate water. This is my first time even ON an ocean! I told you making me captain was a bad idea."   Rusticus shook his head, and pointed off the front of the ship. "THAT thing is a whale, that thing just dealt a huge blow to the ship, and that thing is coming back." He grinned. "LETS TAKE IT ON." Rusticus moved to the very front of the ship, as if to challenge the whale.   The crimson whale had finished it's slow arc, and was once again charging in a straight line towards the ship. Froth and spray leapt up behind the whale as it sped towards the Fire Resistant.   "Oh, shit, that's a whale." Said Naro, in a low voice. He quickly cast a spell, applying mage armor to himself, before gently steering the ship so as to not hit the whale head on. Ryder noticed Naro's spell, and followed suit, quickly buffing himself. He directed Kir to the front of the ship, before firmly grasping a side rail.   Opal rolled up her sleeves, and dug in her heels, prepared this time for impact.   With another great THUD, followed by the sound of splintering wood and splashing water, the Crimson Whale made second contact with the ship. The Fire Resistant once again shook greatly, as the whale smash into her side. The two massive forces began to slide past each other, as their momentum carried them forward. However, Rusticus was ready. As the whale made contact with the Fire Resistant, he had left from her deck, plummeting downwards towards the crimson whale. He had taken a long, magical rod from his bag, and was wielding it with two hands above his head.   With a splat, Rusticus landed atop the whale, driving the Immovable Rod deep into the back-flesh of the Crimson Whale. He triggered the Rod, and was thrown forward as the Whale had its momentum violently stopped, pinned in place by the Immoveable Rod. The rod had torn a 12" long gash into the whale's back, as it's momentum tried to carry it past the rod.   Rusticus landed farther down the whales back, and scrambled for purchase. He managed to just barely hold on, grasping above the whales tail. Rusticus looked up to the Fire Resistant, as it continued to move past the now pinned-in-space whale. "HELP!" he called up.   Opal leaned over and looked down at what had just happened. She took a step back, looked at Naro and Ryder, and then cast mage armor on herself.   Naro left the wheel for a moment, and ran down to the main deck. He leaned over the rail, and with hands aglow, cast another spell -- slinging a splash of weak acid downwards at the whale. "Yahh! I hate whales! Take that!" he yelled. Ryder nodded, and once again followed suit, casting more weak acid down at the thrashing whale.   "Guys, heeeeeeelp!" called Rusticus. The whale he was frantically holding onto was now beside the rear of the ship.   Kir calmly picked up a long coil of rope, and holding one end, tossed it expertly at Rusticus. The rope struck true, and the dwarf quickly grabbed a hold of it, just as a particularly violent thrash of the whale tossed him into the air, and into the water. Kir began to hand over hand reel in the rope, while Rusticus held on tight. Once he reached the side of the boat, Rusticus used the rope to brace himself, climbing up the edge.   "That... That was pretty cool." Said Ryder.   "Yeah shit, good thinking y'all." Said Opal.   "ONWARDS!" Yelled Naro. "LETS GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT THING"   "Yeah, I second that idea," responded Rusticus. "Let's not come back to this area for a while, I don't want to see that whale again any time soon."   Naro climbed back up and once again took a hold of the ship's wheel. Rusticus and Ryder assumed their positions at the sides of the boat, while Opal climbed back up the crows nest, rope in hand. The elf looped the rope around herself, and tied it to the top of the mast, securing herself within the crows nest. "Ain't no way I'm falling out of here again" she said.  
      Naro jumped, as Opal whispered loudly into his ear from 150' away. "We're almost at land now! like.... really close. Y'all can probably see it from down there too. Just figured I'd let you know."   Naro/Markus shook a few of their fists up at Opal. Naro returned his attention to the wheel, as he yelled at Ryder and Rusticus. "TRIM THOSE SAILS OR SOMETHING! We gotta slow down!"   Ryder and Rusticus split off, one to the main mast, one to the secondary rear mast, grabbing the ropes strewn about them. Within seconds, both of them were tangled in a mess of ropes. A minute passed as they both fought to untangle themselves, as the Fire Resistant quickly came closer and closer to the island ahead.   "Have you never trimmed a sail before?!" Yelled Naro. "Because I sure haven't, but it's not my job anyways!"   Finally the two deckhands untangled themselves, and attempted to trim the sails again, this time succeeding. With the sails tied up, the wind was no longer driving the ship on a collision course with the island -- but still, the Fire Resistant was moving too fast towards disaster.   "Drop anchor!" Yelled Naro.   Rusticus made his way as fast he could to the rear corner of the boat, hefting the large anchor up and over the edge. The anchor dropped rapidly below the waves, and the chain went taught as it caught onto the sea floor below. The Fire Resistant shook and rapidly slowed, twisting sideways, until it finally stopped moving just off shore.   Naro, Opal, and Ryder moved over to the side of the ship, looking down at the sandbar below.   "Nice job there Naro." Said Opal.   Rusticus calmly walked past the three of them, mounted the railing, and jumped off the side of the ship to the sand bar below.   "OW!" Came the Dwarf's voice from below. "That is much farther down than I thought it was!"   His three companions dropped a rope down the side, and climbed down after the dwarf. Rusticus sand on the sand bar, rubbing his knees. "I likely shouldn't have done that." he said, making his way painfully to his feet.   The four companions left the anchored ship behind, and began to make their way onto the island. The sand quickly made way to soft dirt, and rock, and a narrow path wound it's way up a heavily wooded, short cliff. The followed the path to the top, and found themselves overlooking most of the small island.   The island was split into two major sections, connected in the middle by a narrow strip of land, and a wide wooden bridge. The side of the island that the party was on was obviously older, as it was covered with decayed stone ruins. The abandoned structures showed their years, with the weathered stone smooth to the touch. Large pits had been dug throughout the entire area, but the years had nearly entirely filled them back in again. Dust and dirt was piled up in the corners of the ruins as well.   Walking along their side of the island, heading north, the party found one old ruin that was larger than the rest. In front of it was a massive hole dug, seemingly newer than all the rest. Inside the hole, ash and soot could be seen, along with what remained of some burnt possessions. Opal hopped down into the pit, and rooted around in the ash, pulling up a few misshapen lumps of silver and iron. She held them up to her companions standing on the ledge above her. "Any y'all want these?"   When everyone shook their heads, Opal dropped what she held, and climbed back out.   The four of them then turned, and walked into the large ruin behind them. The walls had all but crumbled, and the ground was uneven from it. There were some ancient stairs leading upwards to a small raised platform in the center of the room, with the remains of a large bonfire clearly visible. Ryder stretched, and yawned loudly. Opal took the hint, and mentioned "We could probably relight this fire, and camp out here for a rest." She looked up at the sky. She couldn't pinpoint any source of light, yet was able to tell that the daylight was beginning to fade. "It's gettin a lil dark out, seems proper time for rest anyways."   Rusticus craned his neck, to look out across the island they were on. "Yah but... there's some new buildings over there... we could go sleep indoors for once?"   Opal frowned, and responded. "We don't even know what's over there. We should rest first."   "But what if it rains?" Countered Rusticus.   "GOODNIGHT" interrupted Ryder. He dropped his pack, rolled out his sleeping gear, and lay down. Naro looked around nonplussed, and followed suit. Opal set her stuff up, and Rusticus shrugged, going along with the majority.  
      In the morning, the four of them packed up their belongings wordlessly. Opal and Ryder then both decided to look around a bit. Ryder glanced over at Opal, during their search. "Wonder if there's anything magic here? I mean, there's a bunch of holes dug around, like someone was looking for something." He mentioned. Ryder closed his eyes and focused, attempting to feel any nearby sources of magic. Opal did the same, wandering about the ruins a bit. However, the only magic the pair of them noticed was the magic coming from each other, and their equipment.   Naro watched them, thinking to himself. "There's gotta be something here..." he said slowly. He sighed. "No fucking idea how we'd even know where to look, though." Naro started walking, and his three companions soon followed. They left the ruins behind, and skirted the edge of the large burnt pit in front of it. They walked out across the island and through the trees for a while, until they came to the large bridge between the two halves of the island.   Ahead of them they could see the newer half of the island. A large flattened patch of land, hard and dusty, with a scattering of buildings surrounding it. One large building stood slightly apart -- to it's right, the group could see a small collection of one doored and one windowed buildings. Further to the right, the island narrowed and stretched out, rising slightly to a small rocky outcropping. To the left of the main large building, was a collection of small shacks.   Rusticus moved with purpose towards the largest of the buildings, while Naro diverged to check the multitude of smaller buildings to the right. Ryder moved farther to the right, making a slight hike up to the rocky outcropping overlooking the sea. Opal stayed behind for a moment, before splitting off to check the shacks to the left.   In the large building, Rusticus found a few casks of what he assumed was ale. He tipped on on it's side and tapped it, sampling its contents -- warm, slightly aged ale. Grinning, Rusticus shoved a piece of wood back in the hole, and lifted the heavy cask. He walked outside the building, and began slowly making his way back to the ship. In the meantime, Naro was checking out his third building. The first two he had discovered were mere sleeping quarters, slightly dusty, but not decayed. He estimated they hadn't been used in nearly 8 months.   Naro opened up another building, and to his surprised he found a bunk-bed sitting inside, instead of the single cots all the other buildings had. "I CALL TOP BUNK" he yelled to no one in particular. Naro grasped the bed's frame, and began dragging it towards the door. He propped the door open, dragged the bed outside, and followed behind the slow moving Rusticus.   Ryder and Opal soon came back to see the Naro and Rusticus making their slow way back to the ship with their spoils. Ryder looked over to Opal, who was happily swinging about an iron farming tool. "You got something too?" he asked. Opal nodded, and grinned. "Was looking for a hoe, but instead I got this!" She said, proudly displaying an iron Sickle. "You get anything nice?" She asked. Ryder patted his vibrating Seeking Box. "Rocks!" he said simply. Ryder smiled, and continued following the sounds of scraping and grunting as Naro dragged his bunk-bed across the gravel.   The journey back to the boat was slow, but eventually everyone else caught up with Rusticus, who had just finished using rope to haul his cask of beer aboard. He threw the rope back down, in time to see Naro pushing the bunk-bed through the knee-high water.   "Uh.. the botto--- too late." Said Opal, faltering. "I DON'T CARE I CALLED TOP ANYWAYS" Yelled Naro in return. The waves gently soaked the entire bottom bunk, as he dragged it through the sand and water. He reached the side of the boat, and tied the rope left by Rusticus to the bed. "LIFT IT UP!" he yelled up to the Dwarf, who quickly obliged. Ryder and Opal followed behind, and soon the party stored their loot away, and were ready to go.   They lifted the anchor back up, and Naro called for the sails to be lowered. Ryder and Rusticus nodded, grabbed the ropes, and became immediately and hopelessly tangled. Kir lumbered over and helped Ryder out of his mess, and together they lowered the front sail. The boat slowly began to gain speed as it left the island behind. Ryder left his sail, and moved over to where Rusticus was struggling in vain against the ropes that bound him. Together, they managed to untangle Rusticus.   "Thanks for the help." Said the Dwarf. Under Ryder's watchful eye, he turned back to attempt to pull down the sail with the ropes once more. Rusticus grabbed two large coils in his hand, and tried to pull, but faltered, stumbled, and fell back into the ropes, which once more tied themselves in hopelessly confusing knots around him. From within the mess, Rusticus sighed. Ryder echoed the sigh, and helped the dwarf out once more. They next worked together, finally unfurling the rear sail, and the Fire Resistant took off from the island at full speed.  
      "DAMN I LOVE DRINKING" yelled Rusticus, slamming back another pint from his cask. It was his third pint in under 30 minutes. "HOWS IT LOOK UP THERE?" he yelled up to the crows nest. Opal, who could barely hear the drunk dwarf below, ignored him, instead focusing on looking all around the boat -- front, sides, and rear. She began to grow worried, as looking out in front of her, she could see the sky darkening, with massive clouds rolling in. She looked to the left and right -- to the left, she could see the wall of the 4th floor stretching upwards, with the dark clouds spreading all the way to it. To the right, the force dome around Mammoth hill, where the storm clouds also reached to.   "Hey, Naro, we got a storm a brewin out there..." she said into Naro's ear. Naro jumped, and cursed under his breath again. He waved up at Opal for her to come down -- she managed to see, and quickly descended, for an impromptu meeting. "Alright, we can either go left near the wall and through the edge of the storm, straight through the eye of the storm, or right nearer to Mammoth Hill, through that edge of the storm. Thoughts?" Said Naro.   "Those all sound like the same things to me!" said Opal. Ryder and Rusticus just stared at Naro.   Naro stared back.   "Well fuck I don't know what I'm doing!" he said angrily. "Fine! We're going right!' Naro stomped back to the ship's wheel. "Fuck it! Everyone, tie shit down, and secure yourselves! Trim the sails to 1/4 mast! or something!" Rusticus stumbled over to some rope and started tying it around anything he found loose. Ryder led Kir over to the front mast, and together with Opal, secured themselves to it. Rusticus left the main deck and came back to stand beside Naro, gently swaying.   The waves gradually grew bigger, and the wind began kicking up froth and spray, splashing all over the crew.   "Ooo.. uhh.... I really... don't feel so good..." murmured Rusticus. He dropped to his knees, and began breathing heavily, as the Fire Resistant swayed wildly from side to side. The waves rocked the boat back and forth, and soon others began to feel the effects. Naro began having trouble focusing on what was ahead, instead focusing on keeping himself from vomiting. Beside Opal, Ryder began to exhibit the same signs.   "What's gotten into y'all?" yelled Opal against the wind. She untied herself, and carefully began to gather people up. She led Ryder and Naro below deck, and set them up on beds. "You look positively dreadful! Take some rest!"   Naro weakly raised his head. "Just... hold the wheel... on deck..." he said, with deep breaths between. Opal nodded, and went back above deck to grab Rusticus. When she approached the dwarf, she found him entirely too sick to even bother moving. Instead, she grabbed an overturned crate, and sat on it next to the wheel. For the next few hours, she held onto the ship's wheel, and gently kicked Rusticus once in a while to ensure the Dwarf wasn't suffocating.   Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the storm subsided, and the Fire Resistant once more sat calmly in the water.  
      "Wow." said Naro, gruffly. He had climbed back up on deck. "I still feel like shit. Not as bad shit, but like, still pretty bad shit. I'm not doing anything till we reach dry land." He looked at Opal, still holding the ship's wheel. Naro glanced to Rusticus and Ryder who had both come to their feet on main deck. Rusticus looked half dead -- the hangover combined with seasickness doing a number on him. Ryder looked marginally better.   "How bout you just do everything for now?" said Naro, making it into a question. Opal sighed. She looked forward, and found she was able to see Wandermere on the horizon.   "Alright, fine." she responded. For the next two hours, Opal trimmed the sails, managed steering, and followed orders, while the other three tried to recover. Sooner than expected, they were nearing the docks of Wandermere. Opal quickly raised the sails, before taking a closer look at the docks. She could see something shiny, glinting in the sunlight, waving back and forth. She waved back at it, and was surprised to see a second shiny object raised to wave back at her again. Opal followed suit, waving both of her arms in the air at the docks. The shape grew clearer as they grew closer, and it raised it's third arm -- it was a Clockwork Servant, waving all three of it's brass arms at the ship.   "I wonder if that's one o them incorruptible servants Locorin told us about..." mused Opal. She quickly finished with the sails, and then dropped anchor. The Fire Resistant slowly lost her speed, until they were parallel with the dock. The ship was tied to the dock, and the crew jumped down from the boat.   "OH sweet fuck I feel SO much better!" Cried Naro, as his feet touched firm ground. Great sighs of relief also came from Ryder and Rusticus, though the Dwarf still clutched his head and shielded his eyes from the bright light.   Opal dropped down onto the deck behind her companions, then moved up beside them. Looking at the brass construct in front of them, she warily waved at it. "Hello....?" she asked, questioningly.   "HELLO!" the Clockwork said in return, brightly. "YOU must be new here! I know all the faces of this place, and I haven't seen yours before."   The four companions looked at each other briefly. "Yeah... yes we are." Said Naro. "Locorin sent us up here," interjected Opal. "He said he has incorruptible clockwork on this floor. Is that you?"   "YOU'VE MET LOCORIN?" said the Clockwork, excitedly. "Isn't he just the greatest?! I look up to him so much! I can't wait to see him again. And he talked about me?! Amazing! Yes, I am one of his clockwork, my name is (Caw-Ree), spelt C.A.R.E.! The clockwork looked between the four people in front of it. It's face was expressionless, yet it vibrated with excitement. "Where's Locorin now? Is he coming after you guys?"   Opal frowned. She looked at Ryder. "You uh... wanna... tell it...?" Ryder shook his head, as did Rusticus, who regretted it and immediately clutched at his head in pain. Opal turned back to the clockwork. "Well... uhh..."   "Locorin died." said Naro.   "He... but..." said the Clockwork, slowly. The excited vibrating coming from it abruptly started. "He can't... die... He's been here longer than anyone, he's practically a god..."   Opal's frown deepened. "We saw it happen... I'm sorry, C.A.R.E., I can tell you looked up to him."   "Well, we never actually SAW him die." said Ryder. "Yeah!" said Rusticus, "He just sorta... vanished."   Opal nodded, slowly at first, but with more energy. "Good point! He seemed really powerful. Maybe he didn't die!"   The clockwork had been staring down at the dock. It looked back up at these words, and adopted a hopeful tone. "You... you're right! Locorin is too strong! I know one day I'll see him again."   The four party members began walking along behind C.A.R.E., as the Clockwork turned and made it's way along the dock, chatting amiably.   "So, does Locorin have a workshop here?" asked Opal.   "Not really." responded C.A.R.E. easily. "It's sorta mostly just my house. The people of Wandermere only really tolerate me, as they still mostly dislike Clockwork, so my house is in the bad part of town, near the crater." C.A.R.E. shrugged. "But that's okay, I totally understand. Do you wanna see? I can take you to my house and show it to you!"   And so the party followed their new Clockwork friend down the dock, heading towards Wandermere, as time paused and slowed down once again.

    Tower of Souls
    Report Date
    18 Aug 2019
    Primary Location
    The Floor of Study
    Secondary Location
    Sommerson Ruins

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