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The Fuyaoan Discontents

A Modern AGE game In the world of The Corporate States of America
October 5th, 2018 | Full
Fuyao Beimei has been a stable corporate nation for over a century. One could easily argue that they are a shining example of what a successful corporate nation should look like.

The characters we follow now are under the impression that this may not be so. Some have felt this way quite some time, while others have just started to get a bad taste in their mouth. Their paths will intertwine just as the status quo of Fuyao Beimei is tested.

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Sessions Archive

2nd Nov 2019

Chapter Ten: The Welcoming Web

It seems that the Discontents have rustled some feathers while trying to keep their cover in Nature's Samsara. Can they figure out where Tesla Price is? And how will they remove Winston from the charming Dahlia's side?

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5th Oct 2019

Chapter Nine: An Invitation on the Wheel

Quite easily, the discontents have infiltrated The Elko Commune. They have already seen one target, but will they find the other? And how will they return these people to Delaera?

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23rd Aug 2019

Chapter Eight: Those Who Have Wandered

The Discontents are just finishing up their arbitration when ally Pete Deyes asks for a monumental favor. Things seem to precarious to go out on a limb now... but are they really?

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27th Apr 2019

Chapter Seven: Arbitration

Wei has reasoned with the others to stay the course offered by Delaera. This means meeting with the Neutral Party Inc., an arbitration cult hired by Virgin Galactic. How will those interviews go?

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19th Apr 2019

Chapter Six: Aboard the NAUHSR

As the Discontents begin experiencing the wide world that surrounded their small Fuyaoan bubble, how smoothly will their journey go?

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22nd Feb 2019

Chapter Five: Recovery

Finally out of Fuyao Beimei, these five rebels are trying to find a new home. Do they think Delaera is the one?

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26th Jan 2019

Chapter Four: Convergence

Everyone is on their way out of Fuyao Beimei. Will they all get out together, and will the leadership let them leave?

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8th Dec 2018

Chapter Three: Divergence

As some of our heroes look to find ways out of Fuyao Beimei, other use their skills to keep the citizens still within its borders safe. Who has the right idea?

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16th Nov 2018

Chapter Two: An Inciting Incident

Did the outside world bring the violence in? Or was it always there to begin with?

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5th Oct 2018

Chapter One: The Fruit of Weary Gardens

You know it's not right, but how does that even matter now?

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