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The Lost Omens Chronicles

A Pathfinder 2e game In the world of Golarion: Lost Omens
April 11, 2021 | Full


  • North Canterwall
  • Hearthwick Village
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9th Jun 2021

Interlude: What You Have Learned

The heroes pool the results of their intelligence gathering. Hilarity ensues.

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6th Jun 2021

Chapter 4: Fight Club

Things do not quite go according to plan when Falco arranges a fighting match with Logan.

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16th May 2021

Interlude: The Ustalav Job

Falco Proudfoot makes a bargain with gypsies, then makes good on his promise.

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2nd May 2021

Interlude: Hearthwick

The adventurers find safety in a small but prosperous village.

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25th Apr 2021

Chapter 3: The Silver Road

The party strike a deal with a captain of the city guard which might take them outside the city to safety.

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18th Apr 2021

Chapter 2: Streets of Ash

A small band of adventurers aid the people of the district in which they are trapped.

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11th Apr 2021

Chapter 1: City in Flames

Two strangers observe the strange events in Tamrivena.

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Four unsuspecting adventurers are swept up in a civil war with very mysterious dimensions.

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The Protagonists



Logan Threetrees

Falco Padfoot

Kannika Lightdancer