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Interlude: The Ustalav Job

General Summary

The party of brave adventurers (comprised of the Ulfen barbarian Logan Threetrees, the Elven Druid Elril and his bear, Kannika Lightdancer the monk healer and Falco Padfoot the Halfling rogue) made their way east to the edge of the forest where it met the river. They discovered a hospitable village, Hearthwick, near the riverbank and a small encampment (or kumpaniya) of Farlanders gypsy Halflings nearby.   Taking rooms at the local inn, the group set about their respective needs. Logan spent considerable time with his new horse, whom he named Apollo. Taking long rides around the local countryside, the two bonded and became familiar with one another. Falco, uncomfortable with the size of his horse (having experienced no small concern when having to mount the beast in a hurry) elected to approach the Farlanders to trade the horse for a riding dog more suited to his stature.   Elril, ill at ease in the cluttered village, elected to remain in the fields outside the village to keep his bear company. Kannika, seemingly troubled following her role in sealing the mine tunnels, sought out information regarding any nearby shrines to Pharasma. She left after a couple days to meditate there.   While visiting with the gypsies, Falco met and had opportunity to chat with their leader, Zoltan Muddybrook. Having hinted about needing money, Zoltan offered a risky but mutually beneficial enterprise: a simple theft. The object in question would be sufficient to reward Falco with the money he sought, so a bargain was struck. After careful preparation, the young rogue set about his task.   While the heist itself was uncomplicated, the site proved more challenging: a walled estate, some short distance from the village, patrolled by guards with dogs. Falco’s ingenuity and planning paid off, however, and he secured not only the target, but also a glass globe and a curious dagger.   Returning to Zoltan, Falco concluded their business and retrieved his reward: a cleverly-made staff.

Character(s) interacted with

The Lost Omens Chronicles
Falco Padfoot
Report Date
16 May 2021


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