Falco’s Staff

Falco Padfoot had a plan. He hoped to have a sling staff made that would be discreet and bear some runic enchantments. This meant two challenges: access to money, and finding a skilled craftsman who could manage such a feat. He found both in the Muddybrook Farlander camp near Hearthwick.

By performing a small job for Zoltan, the headman (see Interlude: The Ustalav Job), Falco earned the money he needed, and a gypsy artisan did the rest.

The staff itself is of normal length and heft, carved with a decorative pattern. an oron ring near the top reveals a hidden feature: when turned counterclockwise it unfurls a sling packet cleverly stained to match the wood of the staff, and which when wound blends seamlessly into the decorative pattern. It also bears runes -- again, discreetly placed -- converting the staff to a +1 sling staff of striking. The details follow:

Falco's Staff

+1 Halfling sling staff of striking
Price: 105 gp
Damage: 2d10 B
Range: 80 ft.
Reload: 1
Bulk: 1
Hands: 2
Group: Sling
Traits: Halfling, propulsive
Item type
Weapon, Ranged


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