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Chapter 2: Streets of Ash

General Summary

Trapped inside the walls of Tamrivena, a city on fire and surrounded by enemies, a small band of adventurers work together to find a way out. They find a City Guard captain in the Foreign Quarter named Casimir Valsin, who had need of capable folk to solve impending problems. The captain learned that a young palace guard named Radu Kodesçu had survived the slaughter of the royal family, and likely aided the Prince’s escape. Finding him was the key to learning the Prince’s fate.

Casimir feared the local thieves’ guild, the Bloody Barbers, may have captured Radu. He charged the adventurers to discover their lair, perhaps leading to the desired information.

The party began in the obvious places, including a barber shop on Rose Street. They discovered a small band of thugs in the alley, leading to a skirmish in which one part member, Gouger , perished. One of the thugs survived long enough to reveal the location of the Barbers’ headquarters, an old warehouse.

Rewards Granted

Choices from a cache of confiscated weapons and a good meal.

Character(s) interacted with

Captain Casimir Valsin

The Lost Omens Chronicles
Report Date
18 Apr 2021
Primary Location

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