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Chapter 3: The Silver Road

General Summary

Casimir Valsin was a good man in a difficult spot. With the city under siege and the Foreign Quarter still smoldering around him, no support from his superiors and very few resources, now he learned that time, too, was against him.

One member of the party he sent to Rose Street had died but another one stepped forward. Eager to find a way out of town, they conferred with Captain Valsin on a desperate plan. The enemy had clearly breached the city somehow, at least enough to replace parts of the City Guard and to sneak assassins into the royal palace. This same route might be the way taken by Radu or the prince to exit the city; and, if true, could be the adventurers’ road to freedom.

Such a passage would need to be sealed to prevent more enemies into the city, so Casimir made the party a proposal. If they explored the old silver mines beneath the Castle and found a way out, they would destroy the exit with an alchemical bomb that he would supply. If, on the other hand, there was no such exit, the party would simply return and be rewarded for the return of the bomb. They were also to report on any sign of the palace guard Radu Kodesçu.

Having been given access to the sealed tunnels by the Captain, the party cautiously explored the system. They found semi-feral creatures, the szlachta, dwelling in the upper vaults, apparently some weaker form of undead creature. They encountered a miner’s shack on the edge of a collapsed bridge, and finding their way across discovered a very surprised Hans the Corpse-Thief (apparently a body-snatcher) and his lackey, Igor .

Finally, seeing sunlight from a tunnel in what must have been the oldest portion of the mine, the group played a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a wounded werewolf. Despite Logan taking some serious wounds, the monk Kannika Lightdancer kept the party patched up and mobile.

Once the exit was found Kannika was chosen to detonate the tunnel. Seeing the enemy siege camp, the party decided to steal some horses to make good their escape to the south.

Character(s) interacted with

The Lost Omens Chronicles
Logan Threetrees
Falco Padfoot
Kannika Lightdancer
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08 Jun 2021
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