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Mad Max: Faerun Edition

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of World After Tiamat
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  • New Phandalin
  • Rockport
Supporting Cast
  • Mayor Brilies
    Frequently frazzled tiefling with a good heart and a lot of love for her hometown. Dating Brynn Redspine
  • Captain Brynn Redspine
    Confident, cheerful leader of the local pirates. Doesn't believe in unjust hierarchy. Dating Brilies
  • Farfalee
    Bubbly, outgoing gnome; dancer and actress One of Tase Janssen's neighbors Tase and her are both nightowls and sometimes if she sees his lights on when she's coming back from rehearsal she'll stop and have a drink and a chat. His lights weren't on last night.
  • Matilda Redstream
    Human woman, long curly gray hair and brown eyes. Wears a lot of beads. Runs a shop called Fantasma in Rockport that sells mostly fake magic amulets, crystals, and potions of widely varying effectiveness. Her bestselling item is the amulet against dragons
  • Millicent Duststone
    Wears multiple amulets around her neck; highly superstitious The hunter who was supposed to go yesterday Tase begged her to let him take her place hunting yesterday but she was happy to give it to him because it was a full moon and that's bad luck
  • Phancis Chambon
    Elvish man; puts on false airs; snobby One of Tase Janssen's neighbors I didn't see him come home last night, but I went to bed early because I today I'm meeting with the head of the merchant's guild to get approval to join. I can't be late, so leave me alone.
  • Robin Rowntree
    Cleans when she's anxious Tase Janssen's girlfriend Tase told her he would be hunting today because Milicent didn't want to go on the full moon; he promised to be back in the morning. Made her promise not to wander outside late at night
  • Robold The Kobold
    A kindly if eccentric kobold who runs a mushroom farm deep in the woods.
  • Tase Janssen
    Refugee from the Northern Mountains who is an accomplished potter and hunter. Arrived at Rockport alone; kept to himself mostly Girlfriend is Robin Rowntree
  • Chef Timon Voss
    Chef at the Drunken Mermaid and member of Redspine Smugglers Frequently hears juicy local gossip Permanent resident of flavortown
  • Trerazad & Gollmaroch
    A married couple of pit fiends who were inadvertently brought to the Material Realm by Marco. Lives in Tarvel's domain and a chunk of the Material Realm is now in their front yard.


Sessions Archive

2nd Jan 2022

A Walk in the Woods

Just a peaceful stroll with a drow diplomat through a perfectly ordinary forest. Probably.

26th Sep 2021

3C. Let's Talk to a Bunch of People

Choose either talking to people about Nisalisse's backstory OR talking to farmers about joining a union.

12th Sep 2021

3A. The Missing Hunter Pt. 2

Let's find that missing hunter!

21st Aug 2021

3. Everybody Wants Something

The Protagonists

Zinyra the Lich

Marco DeMarco