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Vicious celestial creature used in pit fights and as animalistic guards.

Basic Information


Grun get around on four legs. Their back feet have normal claws while their front feet have three huge scythe-like claws each. They have a short snout, small, beady eyes, and sharp, pointed teeth. They don't have a recognizable neck and instead, their body rises into a hump directly behind their heads. This hump is largely muscle and allows the grun to duck their snout down and use their body as a battering ram. The bones in their front half, especially, are unusually dense, which requires the grun to build up a lot of muscles just to move around.   The grun's front half is covered in short, coarse fur, usually colored brown or tan. Their back half has no fur, just thick, grey hide. They have a short tail with a tuft of fur on the end.

Genetics and Reproduction

Grun are highly aggressive, even towards members of their own species. It is therefore impossible for grun to breed naturally. The only way is through artificial insemination or magic. Gestation takes six months and grun always give birth to twins.

Growth Rate & Stages

Grun pups develop fairly rapidly, opening their eyes in an hour or so and growing teeth and claws within a day of birth. Their aggressive instincts start to develop around that time, too, and generally the one who is faster to develop will kill their twin. This forms their first meal. Some breeders will separate the cubs and hand-raise them so that both of them survive, but this is not a common practice.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Grun are exclusively carnivorous, but seem to require a low amount of actual meat to sustain themselves. Rather, the viciousness that grun use in killing their prey have led some to speculate that grun actually sustain themselves more on the fear and pain of their prey rather than the actual physical form.   Most of those who breed and raise grun also breed and raise Rodensa┬áto be used as food for the grun when it's not participating in fights or hunting other prey.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Grun's eyesight is generally poor, but they make up for it with a highly developed sense of smell and a form of tremorsense that allows them to feel even slight movement from a creature connected to the ground up to 100 feet away. Grun have a particular sensitivity for smelling blood, which tends to send them into a frenzy with a single-minded instinct to find and attack the source of the blood.
Conservation Status
Gurn only exist in captivity and are a demon-created species.
Average Height
7-8 feet at the shoulder
Average Weight
500 lbs

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