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Phancis Chambon

Refugee who came to Rockport from a small town. The party met him while looking for Tase Janssen in 3A. The Missing Hunter.   Phancis was on his way to a meeting with the head of the Merchant's Guild when the party stopped him and the party found out that he was watching a recording all the comings and goings of his neighbors.   Founder of "Next Door Security" (always watching out for our neighbors) and now partnering with Garron Chao to build magical security systems.

Mental characteristics

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Phancis has basic education and has gotten scammed by three different get rich quick schemes, including one that promised to teach him how to get rich selling get rich quick schemes. If asked, he'll say he learned from the school of hard knocks and that today's kids don't know what it's really like out there.


Phancis has recently had a successful pitch to the head of the Merchant's Guild for a business selling surveillance equipment. This was thanks to some annoying people who gave him very helpful advice about needing to decide what you're going to sell before pitching a business.   In addition, the recent theft of the Kidsaver 5005 has prompted Garron Chao to turn his considerable ego and questionable talents to security and surveillance systems. Garron has partnered with Phancis and provides resources, inventions, and money as needed. Phancis focuses more on recruiting manpower for his private security force.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Getting Bardo Cromwell and Garron Chao to invest in his surveillance business. He's extremely proud to be working with Garron as Phancis thinks Garron is a genius (as evidenced by Garron's very large house).

Failures & Embarrassments

A bunch of assholes ratted him out to his neighbors just for recording what they were doing outside of their houses in plain view of anyone. Now the whole refugee community has heard about it and avoids him (even more than usual). He wants to get money quick and move out of the refugee housing soon.

Mental Trauma

Phancis fled from his small town when news that a gang of chromatic dragons were approaching.

Intellectual Characteristics

Phancis has a very specialized kind of intelligence in that he's very good at observation and hiding the fact that he is observing people. He also has a really good memory so he can remember what people do and write it down later.

Morality & Philosophy

Money is god. Greed is good. Everyone's business is my business.

Wealth & Financial state

Poor refugee who came to Rockport with nothing but a single bag. He hopes to strike it rich soon, though.

Elvish man; puts on false airs; snobby One of Tase Janssen's neighbors I didn't see him come home last night, but I went to bed early because I today I'm meeting with the head of the merchant's guild to get approval to join. I can't be late, so leave me alone.

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Lawful Evil
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Hazel, frequently narrowed
Thinning brown hair
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