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A religion formed around the mysterious Bernard and his numerous appearances throughout history.
  A key principle of this religion is to value freedom above all else and that children are sacred (because Bernard always appears as a child). Therefore, children are given complete autonomy in this group.

Mythology & Lore

Bernard is considered more of a prophet/Buddha figure than an actual divine being. They know this because Bernard's appearances have occurred after the Celestial Realm was cut off from the Material Plane.    However, Berners do believe that Bernard is an enlightened, powerful being who wanders the world helping those who need it and then vanishing again. Because he is so mysterious, though, they have had to try to work out what lessons Bernard want them to learn based on the vague historical reports of his exploits.

Divine Origins

Bernard is, in reality, an old man who was cursed by a god to be immortal and forever in the body of a child. He does get into a lot of fights and tends to throw himself into conflicts, but it is never in an attempt to garner fame or teach the world a lesson. He just can't die and wants to keep trying to die and he might as well help some people out while he does it.    However, this transient nature combined with Bernard's unwillingness to socialize at all with anyone, means that a lot of people have seen a child fighting incredibly skillfully, dying, and then immediately coming back to life. They usually don't notice him while he's glamoured, but the glamour always drops when he dies, and it's unlikely that anyone would have connected the old man they maybe vaguely remembered with the child that is now kicking people in the face.   This has been novel enough to make it into accounts of some major battles and even be carved on some walls showing major historical events. Naturally, people began to assume that the child wasn't actually a child, but instead was a powerful being (maybe a demigod) who was taking on the form of child to not overwhelm the lesser folks around him. People began to seek meaning in this and that translated into wanting to learn from and follow this being.    And thus a religion was born.

Cosmological Views

Bernerism is completely compatible with any other religion because it doesn't really tell you anything about how the world came to be or how it functions.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Children are sacred. Children should be given complete freedom but also provided with all the necessities of life.
  2. People should not be tied down to any one location
  3. You should fight evil on behalf of good
  4. The land should provide most of what you need. Excessive wealth is a corrupting influence.


A child's biological parents are not permitted to claim special rights over that child's life. It is equated to claiming "ownership" of the child, but under the tenants of Bernerism, children cannot be tied down to any single person. So, all members of the group are considered responsible for providing for the children and the children get to decide who they want to spend time with. If any decision must be made on the child's behalf without the child's input (like if the child is sick), it is put to a vote.   Harming a child is the only crime they have and it carries a death sentence   Berners don't live in cities, though they may visit on occasion. instead, they spend a lot of time in the woods and move semi-regularly.    Because of their dedication to freedom, they are a pretty free-love society and don't believe in marriage, seeing it as declaring "ownership" over the other person.


The high priest conducts optional "services" that are just telling the folk about the historical records in which Bernard appears and interpreting them in light of the understood tenants of the faith. Any member of the faith may disagree and initiate a dialogue or debate about what a particular event in Bernard's history means.


There's the "high priest" title, but it's really more of an archivist than someone who tells the other members what to do.

Granted Divine Powers

None, though some of the members might be clerics of another religion.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Absolutely none and no desire for any.
Religious, Coven


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