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Rokus McCune

Half-elf artificer who lives in the woods and has a fondness for booby traps   The party tested out his booby trapped maze and gave Rokus three whole pages of observations to make them better.   Rokus has offered to make schematics and even mechanical items for the party if they will either offer him something equivalent in exchange or test his new maze/booby traps once he improves them.   Rokus also gave the party the knowledge to make the Kidsaver 5005 run and also turn on without the keys.   Rokus offered to make a prosthetic arm for Vyzzyg┬áthat will change as they change between dragon and half-elf forms.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Rokus is panromantic, asexual.


Rokus usually makes money by selling schematics of his various inventions. Since things are more on a barter system now, Rokus trades things that he (or his creations) forages or hunts as well as doing repairs and making small machines.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rokus is a self-taught genius artificer. He's rumored to be responsible for many of the major advancements in the field, but he's such a hermit that he has never taken public credit for any of them. Basically, if the history books don't have a record of who did a thing first, it was almost certainly Rokus who did it.   Rokus also considers his booby-trap maze one of his greatest accomplishments. It keeps annoying people away and, if someone is persistent enough to go through the maze, it provides Rokus with invaluable experimental data.

Personality Characteristics


To live a solitary life learning everything there is no about mechanical creations.


Social Aptitude

Rokus has a good heart, but is very very out of practice in any sort of sustained social interaction that isn't about mechanics, spellcasting, or magical theories. He doesn't really have friends, even though there are plenty of people who think he's a perfectly nice guy.
Character Location
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Neutral Good
Current Location
Very dark blue
Black, clipped short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Weathered face and skin scattered with small scars from burns and other injuries
Quotes & Catchphrases
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Known Languages
Dwarven, elven, common

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