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How to Kill a God

What Gods Can You Kill?

All divine beings are immortal in the sense that they do not age or die of natural causes such as disease. However, with enough effort, even the strongest god can be killed if you meet the prerequisite conditions.    In the case of lower level divine beings such as angels or demons, a seasoned adventurer can kill most of them without too much effort.   For actual gods who have not created a race of mortals, stabbing with enough force will work, but getting close enough without getting killed yourself is a difficult feat.    The closest to truly immortal a god can get is to create a race of mortals on the Material Realm. The only downside is that the god can no longer enter the Material Realm at will; they need to be summoned by their creations.    If you truly want to kill a creator god, you must wipe out every member of that race to make them somewhat mortal again. Otherwise, these gods can shrug off all damage dealt to them. If you happen to meet one of these creator gods, the best course of action is to simply cut off a limb or two to slow it down while you make your escape.

What Happens When You Kill a God?

  It is a well-known fact that, when a god or another divine being kills a god, they absorb their power and become stronger. However, it is less well-known that if a mortal kills a god, then that person will also absorb the god's power and become a god.    Though this may sound like a good thing, the few accounts we have of mortals becoming gods are rather tragic. These new gods were separated from everyone they have ever known and pulled into the Celestial Realm. Once there, the new god was likely to spend the next months until they could return to the Material Realm fleeing from, hiding from, or fighting other gods who didn't take kindly to the fact that the new god had killed one of them.    As a result, most mortals who became gods were killed soon thereafter. Only one person that we know of had enough power immediately upon becoming divine to create a race and save herself from that fate: Zalika, goddess of crafting and scurries. But even she disappears from the records only a few solstices afterwards. Now that we know there are methods to incapacitate even a truly immortal god, I wonder if she is not trapped somewhere on the Material Realm as Tiamat was.
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