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Mon 1st Nov 2021 03:09

SESSION 4: Welcome to Hell! It sucks.

by Marco DeMarco

Hello, Journal!
To start our day today, we had three demons come into our humble abode to hang out! Unfortunately, two of them are pit demons that I summoned from hell a few weeks back. So, I immediately hid, because my Sins are coming back to Haunt me! It's a spoooooooooooooky day for your boy Marco. It sounds like the three demons want us to come back to a demon lord and explain why we have their decoding ink. NOOOOOOO. EVERYTHING IS COMING UP MARCO, EXCEPT THE OPPOSITE? Everything is coming up anti-Marco? Nega-Marco? Darkwing Marco? I dunno, y'all, I'm just nervous!
After a delightful pie-themed sojourn in which Ulo got the demons fresh pie from Ride or Pie, the demons take us to their Demon Lord. We entered the Seven Hells and a few of my feathers lit on fire, because I was still a vulture, due to being far more comfortable as a vulture than as a human at this time. We get taken into a zone-of-truth'd room, but I'm still a vulture, so none of the demons are paying attention to me, which is great given that I was the one who cast the spell that messed up the forest and brought Hell to our world. It turns out that the demon we found in the woods (Disgen? Disney? Deez Gins?) was a good friend of Lord Tarvel, and Tarvel is very sad about his friend dying, so we gave them the notes on what we gleaned from the book, mainly that Edreth is trying to take over the Seven Hells and has a secret room with all of Edreth's plans. Tarvel asked us to go to a party and figure out where the secret room is, and maybe steal some of those dang plans. Also, Ulo and Latrans dressed me up in a leather vest and a studded collar.
So, some more info on this party. The party celebrates Edreth's championship win at Grun fights. Weird! I don't like that he breeds animals to fight! That fuckin sucks, dude! The manor itself has an outdoors with a bunch of Grun. The journal says that two demons are actually helping Edreth; Thalsrick and Verk-k'on. The dead demon thought that neither had been in the Special Room. Thalsrick is the head Grun handler, so he'll be running exhibition fights people can watch from the manor. Verk-k'on is gonna be attending.
I hate animal fighting of any kind, and hearing about the Grun breeding is absolutely gross as fuck to me. For this party, I decided to not be a vulture, so that I can actually wander the house and help find the room. Everything that I have learned about the Grun indicates that this species should not exist and was created by demons for nefarious, bullshit purposes. Fuck this. FUCK THIS! THIS SUCKS! AUGH!!!!!!!
Man fuck this. Anyway. I turned into a surfer bro demon. I made a gambler get way more nervous! Latrans had some horrible punch and got stuck in a bad trip where he thought he was an Abyssal Chicken. I had to drag him out of the room into the storage room, wherein we found many hellish cleaning implements, including a mop covered in chains and a constantly on-fire dustpan. After fighting Latrans down again, I noticed an eyeball in a jar. After examining it for quite a while, I gave it a small kiss, like an absolute moron, but it turned out to give me Truesight. Which is good, but also could've -definitely- cursed me, so that's like cool and all. It also have charges that I can use to cast a bunch of other things. I don't even know all of them yet! But I realized I had this weird seethrough vision that let me see through things! So that was cool, and very overwhelming. I used that to figure out that the secret room was in the arena itself. So that's cool! We went downstairs to solve Zinyra's "contract with the fae" problem and found the Rodenza, which are a species of increasingly sentient rats that live in Rockport. Ulo and I decided to go talk to the Rodenza while Zinyra talked to the guy. They do -not- know they're getting eaten by the Grun, and they panic a ton, and Ulo and I spend a bit of time trying to figure out how to win it. We came up with the following plan:
STEP 1: Put 9 rats into the pocket zoo.
STEP 2: Turn a plant into a portal, connecting it to the plants we sent to Hell several weeks ago.
STEP 3: Send the remaining rats through the portal to get them out of this awful pocket dimension.
STEP 4: Get out with none the wiser to our dope strategic move
It went great!
Okay, it DID NOT go great. I was spotted immediately after I turned the plant into a portal, Ulo turned a demon into a giant rat, and Edreth came down to kill me! Ulo banished herself and Latrans back into the material
realm, while I tried to jump into the portal-plant. Edreth grabbed me before I could escape, but I was able to turn into a snake (Hooray! I did one successful non-vulture wild shape!!!) and slither on through the portal. I went back to Tarvel, but wouldn't you know it, Ulo and Latrans weren't there! Where the heck are they???
Anyway, uh. That's that, folks! I have a jarred eye now! Cool!!!

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