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Nisalisse's Public Policy Statement

  • There should be some criteria as to who we allow into Rockport. That criteria should be based on the skills they would bring to Rockport and whether they would be a danger to the citizens already here. There should also be a quota of how many people can come in to ensure that our resources aren't stretched too thin. Rockport should be our first priority.
  • We must reestablish and enforce a standard money system. It should be based on something other than gold and managed by the government. A committee of business leaders should decide the details of this.
  • Rockport should build defense infrastructure. This should include a wall around the city, including the refugee housing, and magical weapons that can be manned at a moment's notice. We should also be working on a magical alarm system.
  • We should be trying to form a firmer alliance with Neverwinter. They have more people, more magical abilities, and the drow have a reputation for having an incredibly effective military.
  • We should negotiate for actual ownership over the farms that produce our food in Phandalin. We should also build new farms closer to Rockport by clearing the nearby forest.
  • Giving everyone the same amount of resources is disincentivizing work. The government can incentivize work in the fields that need it the most by giving greater privileges or rations to the people who do those jobs.
  • If a citizen receives support from the government, such as the wizard apprenticeships, they should be required to work in fields that have need rather than choosing what they want to do. We need medicine and defense more than drugs.
  • We should be prepared to expel people who are threats to Rockport or who contribute nothing to the town. It makes no sense to waste food on someone who cannot follow the rules.


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