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The Purge of Beldon

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Tairos
3/26/2018 | Full
Fresh from the ruins of Muldrak where the heroes finally put to rest the threat of the Scorned One's rising tide but they find they have little time to recover. The Army of Ghal Pelor is marching on the township of Beldon to liberate it from the ravenous hoard of ghouls that have taken slaughtered its citizens and taken root in the ruins left behind.
They've taken up the role of scout and soldier. The heroes race ahead of the army trying to piece together the mysterious cause of this undead hoard before the army blindly confronts the threat head.
As the heroes investigate this new danger they'll discover ancient origins at play and family ties woven deeply into the fabric of this mystery.

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Sessions Archive

13th Apr 2018

Session III- The Siege of Beldon

The Heroes ride for Beldon to deal with Cross and his threat

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5th Apr 2018

Session II - Battle for Beacon Hill

The heroes have sent five days preparing the village's defenses. Under heavy snowfall a warning goes out... something stirs in the darkness

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27th Mar 2018

Session I- The Art of Diplomacy

The heroes surge ahead of the army looking to establish a foothold in Beacon Hill for the eventual siege of Beldon

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The Protagonists



Jasmine Auloro




Jafar Auloro