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Sandig Norsdolos

Physical Description

Facial Features

Brown beard

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sandig Norsdolos started young as a caravan merchant. He was a strong and capable dwarf and he always enjoyed traveling so he enjoyed everything about the job. On one of his many journeys through the countryside he was dumbstruck by some of the old ruins of the great dwarven nations. In that moment he heard a voice as clear as day. That voice was Tatyane's, the message he received was for the dwarven race to survive they needed to work together with the other races. Community was the answer to the decline of the dwarves. It would not be an easy task with the races as divided as they were so he would need to fight to obtain the survival of his people. From that day forward he did his best to bring together all the races being a living icon of his god Tatyane and living her teachings. He gave up all his wordly possessions and his place in the caravan to wander the world bringing goodness to those that needed it. Sandig had a special affinity towards children or those that could not protect themselves from the great evils that were in the lands.

Gender Identity


Accomplishments & Achievements

Convinced the essence of Nuriel to give his plane a second chance. He helped establish a following to Tatyane in Ghal Pelor. He is the sole defender of the Hand of Zharkhaddos.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to defeat to demon Balam when given the chance. He has a slave following him around that he tries to convince the error of her ways but has failed in every attempt. While his two deaths were not purposeless they go against the teachings of Tatyane - Painful deaths and unnecessary losses of life are a terrible sin. So he feels shame for his deaths but was reinvigorated by his returns.

Mental Trauma

Has died twice once to a lightning bolt cast by an Auloro family member and once by a spirit ripping his essence out. He was resurrected once by Tywin who sacrificed his connection with his god to do so and once by the druid Thrace. He is haunted by his deaths and the avatar of Nuriel who resides in his head after he was infused with Nuriel's essence on his second revival.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kind, worldly, giving

Morality & Philosophy

All life is sacred and needs to be given a chance. Unity is survival. Survival is sacrifice.


Killing someone who accepted his healing. Using a weapon other than his fists in combat.
Known Languages
Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Orcish, Terran



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