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General Belthausar Gaspar

Ghal Pelor's army is believed to be the largest that remains in all of Tairos and that army is commanded by three figures. General Belthauser Gaspar is one of those figures.
The General is renown for tactical acumen, ability to deal with both criminal organizations and enemy war bands efficiently and for his terrible demeanor. Gaspar has very little tolerance for mediocrity and even less for failure. He is a difficult man to earn any modicum of respect from but those that do will have his loyalty for life, without question.
His most recent assignment is the command of a force of over three hundred soldiers and support personnel charged with purging Beldon of the undead infestation that currently plagues it. He's been forced to work alongside hired mercenaries and a mounted unit of heavy cavalry from the from the Grand Order of the Lion. He resents these men who fight for coin and personal glory rather than the banner of Ghal Pelor but the city's leadership has given him no choice in the matter.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Elderly but in good general health. He is missing one eye, lost in a battle with the notorious criminal Alfredia Puddifoot many decades ago.

Identifying Characteristics

Missing eye, usually covered by an eye patch.

Physical quirks

Generally found scowling or screaming

Apparel & Accessories

Is very comfortable in his military uniform or chainmail armor with tabbards.

Specialized Equipment

Longsword and shield

Mental characteristics


Gaspar is a lifelong military man who served in city's constabulary early on and then transitioned into the army. From there he quickly rose through the ranks and into leadership. He is now one of the three Generals of the Army of Ghal Pelor

Personality Characteristics


Strengthen Ghal Pelor's military influence in the region. Topple Lockland

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Military tactics, garrisoning, siege


Religious Views

Gaspar's family has a history of worshiping Sandor The Guardian of Tairos however, Belthauser is not himself particularly religious.
General Gaspar
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Commander of Castle Bannonburn, General in the Army of Ghal Pelor
Current Residence


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