Grand Order of the Lion

When the last survivors of Balmoral fled they carried their traditions and beliefs with them. One belief in particular was the idea that Balmoral once stood honor, truth and hope. Those ideals were best exemplified by the warrior-elite of Balmoral… The Grand Order of the Lion.   Lion Knights were always few in number but legends said their prowess in battle was peerless and inspiring even in the face of death. This noble few would ride across the borders of their nation seeking out tyranny and injustice without hesitation. When Balmoral fell, the Order fell with it. They were the ones that fought a desperate battle while the final refugees escaped the Queen’s Jaberwock.   In more modern times the ideals of the Lion Lords would rise again. Their creed began anew shortly after the Heritage League started their work in Lockland. As the League sought to incinerate elements of the past that didn’t fit their vision a dedicated few would smuggle the original Balmoran content out of the city and study it. They learned the true nature of Balmoral was not that of a pure and superior human society but one of racial harmony and brotherhood. These rebels abandoned Lockland to revive the Grand Order of the Lion.   They accepted heroes from across all cities and all races. In the beginning their numbers were few but they took on the most visible of threats as mercenary company that never charged a single coin for their services. Yet still those they saved would lavish them with support and spread their word. Within a few decades the Order had become a symbol of hope to many. However, they are not universally beloved. In Lockland, they are dubbed criminals and desecrators of Balmoral’s heritage. They are publicly denounced for bringing shame to the symbol of the Balmoran Lion. Bounties are often placed on the heads of the Order by the Heritage League and secret treasure chests full of wealth are paid to the Sons of Caustos for their help in slaughtering these pretenders whenever possible.


Lion Lords- Ruling council of generals that each control a company   Company Command Structure- Majors report to their Lion Lord and a whole host of unit commanders report to these Majors   Recruiters- These are men and women responsible for reaching out to local communities to gather new members. They are also report directly to the Lion Lord they are attached to and inform them on how best to aid local communities

Public Agenda

Protect the weak, promote freedom from oppression, challenge wickedness and bring honor to the ideals of Balmoral.


Hundreds of peerless cavalrymen, professional knights and military tacticians, access to medicinal herbs and surgery techniques, support from the leadership of Baradrad


An ancient order of professional knights who swore loyalty to the old kingdom of Balmoral that were destroyed during the Queen's War. It was later revived by a small group of Locklanders who realized their rulers were perverting the ideals of Balmoral to justify genocide and fascism.
Order of the Lion Male
Order of the Lion Female 2
Military, Mercenary Group
Neighboring Nations
Home Base- Mobile. Though the Order will often gather in the city of Frial for organization meetings   Military Assets- 900 Mounted Heavy Cavalrymen, 400 quartermasters and supply chain assets, 200 recruiting agents, 6 Lion Lords. (All military assets are divided among the 6 Lion Lords)   Racial Demographic- Almost entirely human.


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