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Perceval Macklain

Perceval's story is one that has barely begun. It's a humble one, one of modest beginnings but with ambitious dreams.
He was born in the farms outside Ghal Pelor to a simple pair of dairy farmers. His three sisters are still there, helping the family. Perceval, the youngest of them, thought he could do the most good for the family by venturing out on his own and sendig what money he could back to them.
His journey took him briefly to High Point Township but its isolation was too much for him to bare. He eventually traveled closer to home and found employment in Beacon Hill after being rejected by the Army of Ghal Pelor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Perceveal is in good health and physical condition due to his life on the road and as a town guard

Mental characteristics


No formal education. Trade-level education in farming

Accomplishments & Achievements

Setting out on his own to earn a living

Personality Characteristics


Keep his family fed. Join Ghal Pelor's army


Social Aptitude

He's a very handsome young man that women tend to fancy. He's very naive in the ways of politics and formal social situations
Current Residence

Perceval Macklain


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