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Knight Commander Tyrwin Daybringer (a.k.a. Lord Tyrwin)

The forest creaked and groaned as a wind whipped through their branches. The Balmoral soldiers twitched uncomfortably as the foliage rustled around them - they were not prepared for this sort of fighting. Their lords would parade their forces in open fields, flexing their might at each other before finally committing to massive engagements, huge scrums of swords, shields, dirt, blood, and the occasional fireball from a manacite infused court wizard. Very rarely would the humans fight like the fae or elves would, in the trees, like animals, but desperate times …   “You think they know we’re comin’, sir,” one soldier whispered to the captain beside him, “The fae? You think they know what we’re plannin’?”   “I hear the fae can read your thoughts from ten miles away,” the captain responded.   “So that’s a yes then, sir?”   The captain kneeled in the mud to rest, and grimaced. Fighting the fae seemed like suicide. All of the armies of Tairos had fought the fae at some point since they arrived here hundreds of years ago and lost, but since then they had integrated into society. They became lords, neighbors, yet the Autumn Queen herself demanded more. Her Shadow Court was the stuff of legends and nightmares yet they were very real. And to what end? She had already subjugated much of the lands in the past two hundred to three hundred years, what else could she want? Wasn’t it enough?   The captain couldn’t help but shake the feeling that while the Grand Concordance meeting in secret to plot war against the Autumn Queen was what they needed to do, they were still too late to actually stop anything - that the world was doomed no matter what they did.   Then came a booming command that snapped him to attention: “On your feet, soldiers.”   The captain looked up at the source - the Knight Commander in resplendent heavy armor, the gold, silver and blues radiating an aura of holy might as he strode down the line of warriors, ready to harass the fae supply line. Lord Tyrwin, the captain thought, he’ll carry us through the day.   “Men, as you well know, the Grand Concordance has decided that our kingdoms cannot withstand the Autumn Queen’s reign any longer. Our host here has the honor of being the spear tip in this long war, with a battle that will send a message to the Shadow Court - we will not be ruled! They will rue the day that they came to Tairos, and they will rue the day that the lions of Balmoral roared! Remember, we fight not only for our kingdom, but for our families, our children … ” Tyrwin’s voice lingered for a moment.   “Now, my men, ready your arms. We take the fight to them!” Lord Tyrwin Daybringer raised his massive maul into the air with one arm, and a light shined through the branches, glinting off of his weapon with a radiant light that empowered his men with the blessing of his god, Sandor. The Knight Commander turned swiftly and began marching, his host following rigidly behind him.   In the hours that followed, this battle of the Grand Concordance’s war with the Autumn Queen would nearly be a rout for the Balmoral soldiers. While courage filled their hearts and they fought bravely, the fae forces responded with strength they were not prepared for and would learn to appreciate over the years to come. Although the battle ended as a victory for the Balmoral forces, the first of many, it would be listed as a pyrrhic one in the history books. Reports of the battle from the few survivors would tell the story of the heroic Knight Commander fighting to the last, his maul cleaving through wild creatures and spirits. As a massive wisp raised against him, he lifted his maul into the sky, called upon his god, then brought it down upon the spirit, causing a massive eruption of white light that blinded everyone around the site. Once the soldiers regained their sight, they found that Lord Tyrwin was no more, only a scorched patch of ground marked where he had once stood.    
200 years later …
  “Mister … ? Are you alright?”   Tyrwin groaned, his armor creaked at the joints. His muscles felt weak and atrophied. His eyes slowly opened, and a young girl stood over him. He peered through the window of the cabin he awoke in and saw the woods were dark now. Their boughs rotted and bare. What happened, he thought, where are my men?   “Mister … you ok? My name is Ivy, what’s yours?”

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tyrwin Daybringer, first born son of his noble house, was a Knight Commander of the Balmoral Guard - at least, in his time. The Daybringer lineage was one of service: service to the crown, the kingdom, and its people. His father, and his father's father before him, and so on all served in the retinue of the king, and Tyrwin was no different. He was grown, groomed, and trained to be a loyal, faithful soldier and protector, with love of king, country, and the god Sandor.   Tyrwin's training was rigorous, thorough, and above all difficult. Mornings were spent sword and maul training with his friend Theodore Cross, early afternoons spent learning about command, tactics, religion, and court etiquette, evenings spent cleaning the stables or washing the hall. Even the mighty Daybringers had to learn to wash a floor.   While the days were tough and the nights long, Tyrwin loved every minute of it. He loved Balmoral, the beauty of the light glistening off the pointed spires of the palace, the endless trees in the distance. He loved its people, their gentle souls and loving families, all achingly working towards the growth and prosperity of the nation. He also loved a Frostmerite tavern maid, Sif, that he would maintain a secret affair with until such a time where he forged documents proclaiming her nobility, allowing him to marry and have children with her ... but that's a story for another time.   Eventually he found himself on the battlefield. Politics dictated that he defend his home from the dire growing threat of fae. His early battles were small and secretive, small routs of fae bands and assaults on forward bases and keeps. Always with Theodore and Sandor at his side, Tyrwin became quite famous for his battlefield prowess and command abilities. So much so that he was given leadership over a large host that brought the fight directly to the fae's massive armies.   And in one of the earliest battles of the Grand Concordance's open war with the fae, Tyrwin found himself face to face with a fae being, that when he struck it, transported him in a blinding flash of light to the current era.  
Pick up your sword, Tyrwin. Time to roar.
— Theodore Cross, reassuring before battle
  Waking up alone, feeble, and in a gnarled world of death and decay, Tyrwin is firmly a man out of time. And without his old friends and companions, Tyrwin is finding himself having to build new relationships - and a new path - in a world where everything he spent his whole life learning has little relevance anymore.

Morality & Philosophy

Tyrwin is the living embodiment of "Lawful Good." As such, he does what needs to be done as the law demands, and for the greater good. This doesn't always make him the most popular person at the party, but he does what is right as the law of the land demands.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to find his place in this world,. Wants to learn what happened to his land, his family, and his kingdom - and find peace with it.

Virtues & Personality perks

Bold, courageous, will always defends his friends and allies.

Vices & Personality flaws

Loud. Boisterous. Short tempered and stubborn.


Religious Views

Devout Cleric of Sandor.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Knight Commander of the Balmoral Guard, Lord
Current Residence
The Seward Estate
Long, unkempt, bearded - light brown and blonde with streaks of magicked gray
Quotes & Catchphrases
Hail, and well met!
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, and Celestial (learned through visions and communication with his god, Sandor).


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