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Diary of Mobius

By Elizabeth-Mourad

963 0 0 3077

This is a way for me to build and explore the world of Fearful Creatures. It will be formatted as diary entries of an explorer/historian.

The Explorer

By Saeshi

1498 0 0 2534

A short story of one of the first explorers to venture far into the forgotten lands of Yuvenia.

Asimov's Journal, Circa 1296 AS

By Ellianette

9724 0 0 2359

A diary written by Dr Asimov in his latter years.

Grandmaster Manfred Clove Stronghorn The Valiants Diary

By LeighOpalDay

20373 0 0 322

The Grandmasters diary is dark and detailed with plans and discussions of The White Rose, and, specifically, The Obsidian Scales. A clan of Dragonborn whom were slaughtered in a genocide of Dragonborn folx.