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Fantasy Slice of Life

The Vibes of Oniran

By Jontaro

1027 3 1 297

A Gallery of Sauce, a pantry if you will. A compendium of all the splash arts I've made for my world, all of them with a bit of flavor text as a treat. As long as I keep drawing this collection will keep getting updated. Hope you like them!

Arm and a Leg

By Jontaro

4288 20 2 84

It's an average day in Trinkets & Spellscrolls, a popular magic item shop in Stonewood. Or at least average until the chaotic neutral member of the party realizes he's low on funds AND charisma. Hilarity ensues. This is actually the first comic I've ever...

Dramatis Bestiarium (Dramas of Beasts)

By Jamisen Vrillain

1765 0 0 5429

Embark on a monstrous journey through the pages of [i]Pathfinder 1st Edition[/i]'s richly populated bestiaries. In this daily series of captivating short stories, we breathe life into the myriad of creatures lurking within, from the formidable beasts to the...

Demon King’s Gardener

By sbdrag

41327 0 0 92493

Demon King Jurao discovers that someone has been taking care of the castle gardens in secret - a human that stumbled into the Demon Realm by mistake. Seeing his good work, Jurao decides to appoint Braelin as the official Royal Gardener - now he just has to...