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Morgan J Keeler (Author, Chaos Magician, Technomancer, and Pastry Chef)

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I was born somewhere slightly south of the rusty part of the Bible-belt to hippy parents. Grew up reading too many books while living in old haunted farmhouses, cornfields, and maple groves. Now I am from everywhere and nowhere. Currently calling the borderlands between Kansas and Missouri home.   I believe that language and words contain power and magic. I believe that the stories we tell can be better teachers of truth than facts alone. Words bind us together and enable us to see each other's souls.   My writing is deeply influenced by history, legends, myth, folklore, and fairy tales. My favorite authors (in no particular order) are: Roger Zelazny, Anne Rice, Paul Doherty, Michael Clynes, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Emma Bull, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams, Juliet Marillier, Mickey Spillane, Erica Jong, Jacqueline Carey, JK Rowling, and George MacDonald (I am sure there are a lot more than these, but for now, this list will suffice.)   My first novel is Blackbird Raven Crow (available on Amazon.) Blackbird Raven Crow's protagonist's character came into my mind while sitting in an odd bar in Columbia, Missouri - a supernatural guardian of free will who wasn't quite what you might expect from just a surface viewing.    In my spare time I practice Chaos Magic, Technomancy, and read Lenormand card. My second novel, The Locust King, will be published in serial form on World Anvil and WattPad starting in January of 2023.

Interests & Hobbies

preparing and eating delicious foods and drinking delicious drinks.

Favorite Movies

The Court Jester (1955) The Lost Boys Too many bad B grade movies to list here

Favorite TV Series

Twin Peaks The Expanse The Repair Shop Into The Badlands Westworld GLOW Buffy The Vampire Slayer American Gods True Detective Seasons 1 & 3

Favorite Books

The Chronicles of Amber The Vampire Lestat The Lord Count/The Prince Draculya Lord of Light The Wee Free Men Good Omens Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy American Gods Kushiel's Dart

Favorite Writers

Neil Gaiman Terry Pratchett Paul Doherty/Michael Clynes Juliette Marlieri Douglas Adams Anne Rice