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Mahleck the Locust King (MAH-Lek)

God King, God-Among-Men, God-Emperor

There were other rumors as well, that the children in the lands he conquered became possessed by this man, body and soul.  They had no will of their own.  They became willing to die for the man who killed their parents.  But the tyrant had no children of his own.  He had no need for them.  He would live forever.   -excerpt from Blood of the Goddess: The Locust King

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Gold locust on a field of scarlet Black eye sigil on a field of red (denotes idolatrous women in service to the Locust) Sword Flail

Tenets of Faith

One man, one God, one King, one Emperor, one Swarm, one Locust

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mahleck has a wiry build that leads others to believe he is physically weaker than he is in reality.  Being strigoi-viumakes his physical form immortal, forever appearing to be close to middle age.  When injured, he ages quickly, but regains his strength once he consumes blood.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Little is known of Mahleck's youth, or his origin. What is known is that where he goes, there is war, and there is death - death of people, death of land, for he consumes everything like the Locust for which he is named.   Twelve years before the siege of Adyll, rumors first began to reach the capitol of a conquering army known as the Swarm, so named for their ability to overwhelm any resistance with their sheer number and mindless obedience to their leader, Mahleck.  But the Locust King had been active for many decades, possibly centuries in his efforts to rule the entire world.   In addition to the Swarm, a religion sprung up around the Locust King.  He became known as the God-Among-Men, and later the God-King or God-Emperor.  This cult's rituals involved human sacrifice, especially bloodletting.  Followers of the religion of the Locust willingly give their lives to serve the God-King, both with obedience and subjugation and in some cases shedding their own blood to serve him.   His kingdom has spread from the north and eastern portions of the continent, across the desert to the final country, Adyll.   It is evident that Mahleck has extensive knowledge of the worship of the Lady of Adyll.  His men call Her a demoness and a false idol, but Mahleck knows that She is a force to be reckoned with, and Her oldest name.

Gender Identity

Mahleck revels in all things masculine.  He despises females, describing them as inherently deceitful and dangerous.  He believes women are only objects to be used and then discarded.  He insists that his men embody traits he considers to be masculine - strength, cruelty, dominance, and recklessness.


As strigoi-viu, Mahleck does not experience sexual desire.  Instead, he experiences a desire to possess and control.  He finds homosexuality repugnant, because in his mind it reduces a male to the level of a female by penetration.

Intellectual Characteristics

Mahleck is self-assured to the point of arrogance.  He is decisive and quick thinking, trusting his instincts to be correct.  Shrewd and jaded, he is a good judge of character and can quickly identify when someone is lying to him.  He is also selfish and proud.

Morality & Philosophy

Mahleck believes that his own desires are meant to be sated and he is to be served by all.  No other living being is his equal, and he lives only to consume and possess.


Mahleck hates women.  It is required in all lands under his control that every woman must have their eyes covered by a transparent veil when in public because all women deceive men through a look from their eyes.   Mahleck also refuses to have any depiction of any other god or goddess in any capacity anywhere in his empire.  All other gods and goddesses are considered demons and false idols.

Personality Characteristics


More than anything else, Mahleck desires to possess and control - every land, every person, every resource...  and then to destroy what does not serve him well.
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Locusts God-King God-Emperor God-Among-Men
masculine, little facial hair, usually wearing leather armor
brown, cut short
One God, himself


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