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Strigoi-Viu (stree-goy ve-yu)

"She could feel herself slipping away. The water was warm, and the face of the Goddess was so beautiful. The lute still played, like the sweetest lullaby. She lay her head back on the demon’s shoulder and he made his final cut, the knife just below her jaw, severing the artery. She had lost so much blood it only seeped in a low ebb from the place the knife had peirced. He dipped his head to her neck and kissed the wound." -Excerpt from The Blood of the Goddess: The Locust King     Srigoi-Viu are the stuff of old men's tales told in the dark of night to scare children. They are creatures who appear human, but live by consuming human blood. Monsters who have chosen to turn their backs on good, sacrificing their humanity to become immortal. They stalk the innocent in the dark, taking what they will, consuming all life and extinguishing all hope as they drain the lifeblood from their victims.

Transmission & Vectors

According to folktales of Adyll, a human may become a Strigoi-Viu by many methods - from consuming human blood or flesh, raping another, or by cursing the Goddess.   Older texts stored in the Temple Library give more specifics - to become Strigoi-Viu, an individual must perform certain rituals that sever that individual from the love of the Goddess. There is no record of the actual formula to achieve this form of immortality but the writings do tell that consuming the blood of one on the threshold of death is a necessary component.


Strigoi-Viu have no outward symptoms, other than the inability to consume any food or drink other than blood.


There is no treatment for this condition.  The few surviving texts from the Temple Library speak of their affliction as "the unforgiveable sin" against the Lady.  There is no known cure.


Victims live a half-life, separated from the Goddess. While appearing to be human, they are forever separate, living only on the suffering and death of their sisters and brothers. There is no escape from this death within life.


The oldest tales of Strigoi-Viu reference the Devil who imprisoned the Goddess in an attempt to control and consume her. This Devil consumed the blood of the Goddess, taking for himself Her lifeblood. In this way he became immortal, but not eternal. He became a curse unto himself.

Cultural Reception

Most people of Adyll reject the idea that Strigoi-Viu exist except in stories told by grandfathers to scare children into obedience. However, there are rumors from across the desert that the Locust King Mahleck is Strigoi-Viu, that he drinks the blood of the children of any land he conquers.
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