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Nasreen of Adyll, Acolyte and Temple Prostitute (Nas-REEN)

Kneeling in the pool of moonlight was a girl, her head shaven as Aisha's was, face upturned to the moonlight, deep in meditation.  The moonlight made her olive skin glow.  She was completely nude, a vision of the Goddess in confinement. “Come, Nasreen, Daughter of the Goddess,” said the High Priestess.  “There is need of your prayers.  Garb yourself and come with us.” Nasreen opened her eyes and bowed her head, then rose in a graceful motion from the floor.  Aisha was fascinated by her, Nasreen was so unashamed of her nakedness.  Aisha knew of the story of the Goddess, how she was confined by the man who wished to possess her, that in that confinement she was allowed no modesty, not even the covering of her hair.  But in Nasreen Aisha saw that even without covering there was dignity.  Nasreen was in control of herself, in control of her body, and felt no need for shame.   -Excerpt from Blood of the Goddess: The Locust King

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nasreen loves physical pursuits and exercise as a way to enjoy her body.  She has a soft curving figure and is very flexible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nasreen's mother was a temple prostitute in service to the Lady.  She became pregnant with Nasreen while employed, and as such Nasreen was considered a special blessing from the Goddess, conceived in the act of her mother channeling the love and healing of the Goddess through her body during the act of lovemaking.  Nasreen did not know who her father was, but a few years after she was born, her mother married a wealthy Adyllian merchant, moving herself and her daughter out of the temple and into the merchant's home.  This was not an uncommon arrangement for a temple prostitute, as that calling is rarely permanent.  Her mother continued her work in other capacities in the temple, assisting midwives and herbalists as well as mentoring the younger temple prostitutes.   Her mother's merchant husband welcomed Nasreen as one of his own children, loving and caring for her as a natural born father.  She grew up confident and beautiful, engaging in and enjoying every aspect of life.  Nasreen made her pledge to the Lady to become a priestess as soon as she was old enough, with the blessing of both of her parents.  She planned to become a temple prostitute as her mother had been.

Gender Identity

Nasreen is the embodiment of femininity in both appearance and manner.  She loves to dress in gossamer silks and jewels.  Everything about her is soft and beautiful.


Nasreen views her sexuality as another gift from the Goddess, and that gift is to be shared with others if they desire it.  She revels in the feeling of her body, and yearns for the love of the Goddess to flow through her while serving as temple prostitute.  She has no feeling of shame in regards to her body or any other body, for bodies are meant to be enjoyed.  Nasreen, as most Adyllians, is open to sexual experiences with any gender, because sex is to be enjoyed as a blessing from the Goddess.


Nasreen's early education took place at the Temple, where she learned to read and write, as well as basic math.  While Nasreen has a very shrewd mind, she does not hunger for the type of knowledge that can be found in books.  She would rather be learning through experience.

Morality & Philosophy

Nasreen believes in empathy and kindness as a way to follow the teachings of the Adyllian religion - to love and care for the children of the Lady.  She believes she was called to be a temple prostitute as way to heal others who need to be shown the love of the Goddess.

Personality Characteristics


Nasreen loves pleasure and enjoyment, and to bring that pleasure and enjoyment to others.  She cares for those who are downtrodden and in need of help.  This is her motivation for continuing to follow her initial role within the temple of prostitute even after the Locust King's Swarm takes over Adyll - to protect her fellow priestesses from sexual assault.  She sees Aisha as a younger sister in need of protecting.


Nasreen spends every day in the temple's baths after serving in the brothel.  She insists on keeping herself beautiful and cared for despite her desperate situation.
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16 years old during the Fall of Adyll
Circumstances of Birth
Born to a Temple prostitute who later married a wealthy merchant. Does not know exactly who her father is, but was treated as a natural child of her mother's husband.
Extremely feminine
Bald as Acolyte / Black, thick, curly hair when allowed to grow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive Skin
The Lady


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