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Mila XI, Queen Mother of Adyll (Mee-la)

As seen in

Queen Mother Mila

The Queen Mother, Mila the Eleventh, was born as all royal children are born, within the sanctuary of the Temple of the Lady.  Her mother's midwife was none other than the High Priestess of the Lady, a woman of 80 years old who passed away one week after holding Mila in her hands to dedicate the infant's life to The Goddess.   At the age of 18, Mila wed a young man named Pytr, her bodyguard and devotee of the Temple.  Together they had one child, a daughter named Irinya.   During the reign of Mila the Eleventh, the people of the land prospered and were happy.  The fields brought forth their bounty, and many songs were written in her honor.  Adyll was peaceful.  But Mila ignored the plight of those outside Adyll's peaceful mountains, for she saw no need to involve herself with those not within The Lady's bloodline.  Why should she risk the children of the Lady, the people of Adyll, when the threat of war rages across the desert?  Adyll's mountains and steep cliff walls were provided by the Lady for their protection, and there was no way they could be breached.   When the Swarm of the Locust King decimated the cousins of Adyll, the nomadic people of the desert, Mila and her husband Pytr finally decided to come to their aid, but they were too late.  The military might of Adyll was not strong enough, and killing was distasteful to the peaceful people of Adyll.  The forces of Adyll were quickly overrun and retreated back to their walled capital city.   Through treachery, the Locust King learned of the secret way through the narrow crevasses hidden in the cliff walls of Adyll, and lay seige to the capital.  Pytr was killed in a last gasp effort to repel the Swarm.  Mila sacrificed herself in order to save the people of Adyll, laying down her own life for the Locust King's pleasure through diplomatic negotiations.   As a final act of defiance, Mila attempted to assassinate Mahleck by seducing him in her bath.  But the devil called Mahleck instead murdered her and bathed in her lifeblood.  Her mutilated body was found the following day in front of the Temple of the Lady, newly renamed the Temple of the Locust.
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"At the top of the battlements he saw a glimmer of white, reflecting the moonlight. He raised his hand and the Swarm came to a grinding halt. On the wall stood a beautiful woman in a white gown brocaded in silver. Her unbound hair fell in chestnut waves to below her waist. A golden circlet adorned her head. On either side stood men almost as beautiful as she, wearing white robes with the silver hawk medallion indicating a life of service of their Goddess. Mahlek had not seen beauty such as hers since his youth, and it stirred something within him. Lust? No, a need to possess, to control, to subjugate. She would cower before him soon, and then he would destroy her."   excerpt from The Locust King
Current Status
Circumstances of Death
Killed while attempting to assassinate the Locust King.
Temple of the Lady
Place of Death
Royal Palace
Current Residence
Royal Palace
Brown, large, round
long chestnut hair, usually worn loose down her back in waves
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Alabaster skin
130 lbs
The Lady, Mother Goddess


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