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Manah of the Catacombs, Keeper of the King's Trust (Mah-Nah)

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Keeper of the King's Secrets Manah

From behind the altar a man cleared his throat. “Your Majesty.” He stepped out from the darkness, a man of indeterminate age, lines of pain and knowledge etched in his face. This was Manah, advisor to the late King. He wore a rough brown woolen robe, and his feet were bare.     “Manah. Dear Manah. It is time. The worse we feared has come. The devil is at the gates of the palace. He will be here soon. I give Irinya into your keeping. Keep her safe and keep her hidden.”     “Yes, Your Majesty. I will guard her as if she is my own. Come, my child. You will be safe with me.”   -Except from The Locust King

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Manah is strong physically, more so than his appearance would imply.  He is a trained fighter, skilled with sword, bow, and sling.  He is also a skilled horseman.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As long as there has been a king in Adyll, there was a Manah at his side to advise him.  The name Manah comes from an old word meaning "Thought", and Manah provides guidance for the King's thoughts.  It is both a name and a title, with only one bearing the name at a time.   Traditionally, Manah is secretive, living in the catacombs and cave system under the Capitol.  His life is spent advising a King who in turn advises the Queen, who is the true power in Adyll.  Most do not even know he exists other than members of the royal family and the High Priestess.   Manah lives a simple life eating from what is provided from the Temple kitchens, and wearing rough woolen garments.  He wears no shoes.  Any gifts given to him by the King or Queen he promptly donates to the Temple for the care of the poor.


Manah studied at the Temple Library, and has access to all writings within the Temple and Royal Palace.  He is considered to be one of the best minds in Adyll, especially given his gender.


Advisor to the King, Keeper of the King's Trust

Intellectual Characteristics

Manah is extremely intelligent and wise.  He is able to see people for who they are very quickly, but may second-guess himself when it comes to authority figures, especially women, wanting to believe they are right by virtue of their sex.

Morality & Philosophy

Manah follows the teachings of the Lady.  He strives to do good and to serve Her children, the People of Adyll to the best of his ability.  He also believes that he is inferior to most women in Adyll, and is willing to go against his better judgement to follow their orders.   Manah has a special fondness for Irinya, daughter of Mila XI, Queen Mother of Adyll and King Pitr, and would gladly put down his own life for her if it would protect her.

Personality Characteristics


Manah wants to ensure the survival of the line of the Royal Family at any cost.  He also has a deep, hidden guilt of unknown origin that drives him to seek redemption through suffering.
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Current Status
Keeping Irinya in hiding
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Keeper of the King's Trust
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
Catacombs and caves under the Capitol City/Staying with shepherds
Man of indeterminate age, wearing rough brown woolen tunic or shepherd's garb
Shoulder length, dark brown hair with some silver. Wears a full beard.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
tanned, leathery skin. Deep lines around his eyes and mouth
The Lady


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