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Bay of Claws

A large body of water on the northern end of the Coral Coast with sharp rocky spires scattered throughout it. The bay is 432km long and oval in shape.

671 words

Pale Gear

The town hall's watchtower stands tall in the back keeping the people and fields safe. Walking through the town, hammers clang and kitchens hum. The horses neigh in the stables and people come and go.

1181 words

Avast Library

Library and training facility maintained by the wizard Nathan Avast in Etonia.

1805 words

Red Stirge Inn

High-end Inn located in Etonia. Private rooms with indoor plumbing, magical security, and quality food

2048 words

Anhult Rise

The Anhult Rise stands two hundred meters straight up on the far eastern edge of the K'hala Swamps and Anhult Woodlands.

879 words


Weathered, tough as nails caravan driver that works the Long Road North to Etonia.

1675 words


A mineral compound composed mostly of feldspar and basalt with a varying quantity of moonstone and bloodstone.

1863 words

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