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Church of the Witches


The small citadel is one large cathedral, which functions as the court of the three Witches. Who are leaders of the land, inside the building live only fellow witches and a few Scribs, who do not have another choice then to serve their magical counterparts.


The Church of the Witches, is ruled by three different factions.  

The Court of the Morning Witch

The room of the rooster
Court time:
05:00 morning till 12:00 morning
Court Symbol:

The Court of the Afternoon Witch

The room of the cat
Court time:
12:00 morning till 18:00 afternoon
Court Symbol:

The Court of the Night Witch

The room of the Owl
Court time:
18:00 afternoon till 05:00 morning
Court Symbol:


Beside of the very thick walls that surround the building there are also a lot of magical wards put up. Not only on the out wall, but also on the separate floors. This is because there had being some ill-fitted pranks placed on members of another court.   The Scribs who work inside the church are wearing clothing that fends off any type of magic.


The citadel looks a lot like the large cathedrals here on earth, only this one functions also as a royal court. It is self efficient, it grows its own food, clean their own water and such. Wood is being chopped in the forest that is right next to it and clothes are made of sheep and animals that life inside. The living quarters of everybody but the three witches are underground, divided in three floors. The Witches themselves, have rooms closer to their court chambers which are again divided in floors.  
Levels underground
First floor is for the court of the Morning Witch   Second floor is for the court of the Afternoon Witch   Third floor is for the court of the Night Witch    
Levels above ground
On the fourth floor is the courtroom of the Rooster, which is decorated in the colors red and gold   On the third floor is the courtroom of the Cat, which is decorated in yellow and bronze   On the second floor is the courtroom of the Owl, which is decorated in black and silver  
First level
On the first floor is the kitchen, dinning room, ballroom and reception area.   (There will be a map of this place as soon as I figure out Dungeon Draft)

Guilds and Factions

  • The three Witches
  • The three courts
  • Three guard groups
  • Cooks
  • Servents
  • Farmers
  • Watercleaners
  • Woodcutters
  • Scribs


The build of the citadel, or church began in the first month of the year 1999 and it was completed in the last month of the year 2000. This was in the end status of the large war between the Witches against Scribs. From which this was the final conflict, the building was made so that the ruling witches would be safe in the case of an attack.   Every stone that has being used was made with magic wards in it, so it is also not able for a magical attack from outside the citadel.   This also is the case from the inside only this happened a hundred year after the construction.     In that same year the use of the courtyards, were turned around to farming ground to keep cattle and grow food. Also, an underwater source has being found, from which the inhabitants get their water.


The church of the Witches is the seat of which the Three witches rule, so it is visited a lot by family members of the workers. Merchants how want to sell their goods, witches who want to petition something to one of the respective courts.   The place however those not attract much Scribs, except for the ones who work there. This of the bad blood between the two groups.


The building was made with stones that were rich of quarts, this was needed because of the wards.
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