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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

  • Magdelena
  • Catalyna
  • Tareza
  • Blanca
  • Loreta
  • Ypola
  • Ysabet
  • Luzia
  • Aldorisa
  • Stefania
  • Masculine names

    • Leon
    • Ramonet
    • Inigo
    • Garcia
    • Tristán
  • Llorenco
  • Altar
  • Nufro
  • Arnao
  • Bitores
  • Family names

    The Scribs, or ... as they call themselves. Do have family names, which is passed down to the generations. From first son, to first son on the day of his marriage. If a couple has other sons their last name when they married will be their father's first name with go behind it. For daughters, it is ga.   Example: The father's name is Tristán de Mana. His first son will take over the name when he gets married. The second son and the other sons will be called Tristángo. The daughters of Tristán will be called Tristánga, until they marry and get the name of their husbands.  

    Possible Family names

    • De Mana
    • De Castras
    • De Muxcia
    • Texera
    • Arenas
    • Vera
    • de Rey
    • Baboa
      More names:


    Major language groups and dialects

    Scribs need to know two major languages,   Common  
    The Language of Sinidian
    Language | Jul 12, 2023
        The former is the language of the Witches, and they need to know it. Because that is the law, not because they want to.

    Average technological level

    technological level: Bronze age

    Common Dress code

    Scribs are not allowed to wear lavish, or bright colors. That are the colors of the witches. This is a dress code they forced upon themselves, not because the witches ordered them too.   The women wear long dresses, in the colors, brown and gray.   The men wear trousers and a simple shirt in the same colors.   The only time a woman is allowed to wear white is on her wedding day.

    Common Taboos

    The largest taboo is to have a positive relation with a witch. The scrib will be seen as a traitor, their children will be shunned and forced into hard labor, if born by a scrib mother. There is nothing the scribs can do if the child is born by a witch. Still, the child and its father have no place among them.   This all is because of the Witches against Scribs, where the witches came out on top and are now ruling the land.

    Historical figures

    Tomas Altergo

      Tomas was the second son of Leon Alter and his wife Azami (a witch). Which was back then also a big taboo, back then the witches were hunted down and burned to death. His mother faced a similar faith, after the birth of his sister, Tareza Alterga. His sister will never see adulthood. His father became a drunk and is the one who kills his own daughter.   Tomas left home soon after that and became one of the deadliest witch hunters. He even fought in the battle Witches against Scribs, where he lost his life.


    Beauty Ideals

    Scribs only have two types of hair color, black or brown. This is also the case with their eye color, brown and amber. Everything else is seen as a default, the person is then shunned by the community. Because this often means that the mother has slept with a Witch, or has witch blood in her veins. When it is old enough to work, age twelve to fourteen, the child is placed in a special community to preform heavy labor the Scribs themselves do not want to do.

    Gender Ideals

    The gender roles are pretty simple, the man works the land, inside a smith, or other form of heavy labor. The woman stays at home while raising the children. While preforming small tasks at home, like making jam, weaving baskets, sowing cloths.

    Courtship Ideals

    There is not so much as a courtship, men and women are matched when they are very young. The matches are often made when they are very young. The girl is going to life with their soon-to-be in-laws a year before the wedding so that she can learn from her mother-in-law.

    Relationship Ideals

    Scribs hate sexual or friendship relations with the Witch. This comes because they believe that the witches stole their lands and their unnatural ability to wield magic. Children born between such a union are shunned and forced to do very hard labor from an early age. Those children are not allowed to get married or to get children of their own.

    Night witch

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