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Cathedral of the Night

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Are we going to the Cathedral of the Night, but milady. That building is in a ruin, more or less.
— Captain of the guard
Yes, but is safer there than here.
  Expert of the Nightwitch


The Cathedral of the Night looks a lot like the Church of the Witches, but a lot smaller. This because it only needed to house one court, instead of three.   It is also self efficient with its own vegetable garden, water well and a mill to make flour. The people who live there are Witches and some Scribs who serving the Witch of the Night.


The Cathedral of the Night is under the sole rule of the Night Witch, Rosita Sephiran. Who never being to this place, and neither her predecessors after the Church of the Witches was build.


Beside of the very thick walls that surround the building there are also a lot of magical wards put up. Not only on the out wall, but also on the separate floors. These wards need to be renewed every 10 to 15 years. At least this was the case, but parts of the cathedral are falling a part. So the wards of those parts of are unrepairable damaged. The Scribs who work inside the church are wearing clothing that fends off any type of magic.


The Cathedral is much similar to the church, like previous stated. So the chambers of the rest of the witches are below ground. The courtroom and the chambers of the Night Witch are on the second floor. The first level is were kitchen, dining room and reception area.   (There will be a map of this place as soon as I figure out Dungeon Draft)

Guilds and Factions

  • The Night Witch
  • Courts
  • Guard
  • Cooks
  • Servents
  • Farmers
  • Watercleaners
  • Woodcutters
  • Scribs


The building was build around the year 1990, there are specific dates. It has never being visited by a Witch of the Night, because of the completion of the church. There were however scribs hired to help with the upkeep.


The building was made with stones that were rich of quarts, this was needed because of the wards.


The cathedral was build on the edge of the large crater, in which the largest comet has landed. This comet has not been chipped off and melted into Comet Metal. This because of the large radiation coming off the rock. Radiation that those affect the area but not the magical wards of the building.


Founding Date
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House of the Night Witch
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