Axiom, City of the Great Game

The largest and most multicultural city in the world, seat of the most complex political schemes on Zheng-Kitar


As one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world, Axiom has populations of almost any race and ethnicity that exist on the continent of Zheng-Kitar and beyond - as well, due to Axiom's very nature as the central trading hub for all of central and western Zheng-Kitar, it has a wide variety of wealth classes, professions, jobs, and people of all walks of life and appearances such that almost anything is possible within the city's enormous walls.   The most predominant species, if such a thing is even possible in the great city of Axiom, are those of the Pale Elves and Humans - two of the biggest populations who helped found the city.


Historically, the government of Axiom has changed somewhat frequently since the city-state founding several centuries ago - in the beginning it was run by the city's founder and in time their family line, though the city eventually shifted to a more egalitarian government where the city's major factions would vie for control of the city based on their own wealth, influence, knowledge, power, and more until one could claim dominance over the other(As was decreed in the founder's will after his death, decreeing the city's government would change 70 years after his death).   Recently however, this has changed again with the bloody coup staged by the current ruler, the Daogui - who slaughtered the city's previous rulers in a single night of sanguine carnage that left the previous rulers(A merchant family and one of the city's biggest factions) in bloody chunks, the walls of their disgustingly opulent mansion complex stained crimson from floor to ceiling. Ever since, the city has been ruled by this autocratic figure with no question or compromise - those who refuse the Daogui's commands often find themselves to visits by the city's cobblers...or worse, the Daogui themself.


Chiefmost among Axiom's defences are its titanic trio of walls - the outmost of which stands nearly 350 feet tall and 150 feet thick. These walls are not merely thick and tall, either - there are no gates built into these outer walls, and no entrance exists until they are created by the hundreds upon hundreds of Earth-Manipulating Kineticists who open them as needed according to the city's grand opening and closing schedules.   These walls, built by the Immurean Stonemen(See City-State of Axiom for more information), are designed to be not only quake proof, but siegeproof - warded with a host of secretive reinforcements built to prevent anything from burrowing creatures bypassing the wall through or beneath, stop even the biggest of creatures from collapsing the wall with force alone, and wards against magic to prevent earth-manipulating magic from collapsing sections without a team of powerful mages to pierce the wall's immunities.   In addition to the city's walls, its self-sufficient nature is its biggest asset - able to produce its own food within its walls and with access to a source of freshwater both in the depths of Lake Vauxbriand as well as various deep-earth freshwater pockets beneath the city's foundations, the city is built to withstand a siege indefinitely.

Industry & Trade

The Industries and Tradings of Axiom are nothing short of legendary - as the trading hub of central and western Zheng-Kitar, Axiom sees trade from almost all over the continent and beyond with little exaggeration. Its industries are varied and numerous, and driven by its countless and varied cultures and ethnicities such that it has massive shipbuilding yards, metalworking fields, stoneworking quarries, fishing zones, and more within its walls and controlled territories.   To many, the phrase "If you can think of it, Axiom probably has it" is not mere fiction - it is a fact apparent every second one lives within its incredible walls.


As a city so unfathomably enormous that it's total width is measured in dozens of miles or kilometers, the infrastructure of Axiom combined with the city's incredible multiculturalism has seen almost every type of building or structure be built at some point during the city's multi-century lifespan, from titanic walls hundreds of feet tall and thick to enormous mass transit systems, massively developed farm complexes, blast furnaces, bridges, roads, and more built by the various crafting guilds across the city.


Axiom is a city broadly divided into three "areas" - The Outer, Central, and Inner Districts divided by the three walls that divide the city, described below.   Outer Wall(Outer District): The most infamous wall which has earned the city it's title of "The Unbreakable City", standing well over nearly 350ft tall as well as nearly 150 feet thick as they cast a truly titanic shadow over much of the Outer District. This district encompasses vast swathes of farmland, a large lake known as Lake Vauxbriand, home of Sadoshima Island where Itsushima Shrine(Recently heralded as sacred grounds of the Daogui) stands in memorial to the city's founders, and much more open and fertile ground. No formal groups or guilds make their homes here, for the most part - only the most desperate or those involved in the underworld choose to operate so far from the city center alongside the many homesteaders and villagers that tend the farmlands in the Outer Districts.   Central Wall(Central District): Protected by one of the smaller but still impressive "Sister Walls" that stand nearly 200 feet tall and 100 feet thick at their thinnest point, the central district is a blend of rural, agricultural, and urban centers each of which have their own unique heritage, architecture, and more. It is here that the merging of Outer and Inner Districts happen, where the wide-open expanses of the Outer District gives way to the urbanization of the Inner District, the towering spires of the Inner District visible even from over the Inner Wall that looms over the District. Smaller guilds and groups make their homes here, where land is cheaper than the expense and premium Inner District.   Inner Wall(Inner District): Protected by the the second of the smaller but still impressive "Sister Walls" that stand nearly 200 feet tall and 100 feet thick at their thinnest point, the inner district is the beating urban heart of Axiom, where countless guilds, groups, organizations, and more make their homes. Here stand the iconic Tarthan Trinity, three Pyramids gifted to Axiom by the Tarthan High Lords to the city's founder on his deathbead which stand in the plaza outside the High Manor where the city's ruler looks down on the city they rule. Countless towering spires built by the city's guilds and factions tower over the landscape here, giving it a truly metropolitan feeling to it as, by little exaggeration, those who live in the Inner District can go days at a time without seeing the sun between the gaps in the city's thick, dense skyline. Countless wonders of countless cultures stand here, testament to Axiom's heritage and varied citizenry.

Guilds and Factions

Axiom has hundreds or even thousands of guilds and factions within it - each vying for power, wealth, knowledge, and more to claw their way to the top of Axiomi society to become one of the "Major Factions" who hold massive sway over the city and its people.   For more information on the Major Factions and Guilds within the city, see the "Major Factions" section of the City-State of Axiom.


See the Axiomi ethnicity for a history of the city of Axiom.

Points of interest

There are many points of interest in the city of Axiom, from its towering Outer Walls to the legendary Tarthan Trinity of Pyramids that dwell within the city's Inner Districts - Axiom is by and large a city of marvels from its sheer size to the multiculturalism that has seeded into the minds of its citizenry. Even the money in Axiom is strange and interesting - as it is one of the few, if not only country in the world with paper-based money.


Much like places such as the Bushūbunáo, Capital of the Migrant Fleet, Axiom sees massive amounts of tourism from all over the world - ranging from people eager to see the city for its sheer size, its walls, or any number of its other points of interest from its intake yards, strange paper money, massive Tarthan Pyramids, or otherwise.


Axiom has no set Architectural style - it has blended the styles of countless cultures and peoples that came together to found it.


Axiom is built on the largely flat plains of the Untamed Plains - somewhat inland by still mostly along the shores of the central lake where the Great Litchi and Tianzhao Rivers meet.

Natural Resources

Both within Axiom's walls and without, it has a bounty of resources drawn straight from the Untamed Plains, below the city itself, and even from the depths of the lake and rivers that stand nearby - whether it be from the city's numerous marble mines, iron, copper, or bronze mines, massive farmlands, or otherwise.
Founding Date
4226 ASK
Alternative Name(s)
Axiom, City of the Great Game, The Walled Heart, The Impenetrable City
Impossible to exactly measure, but easily over 1,000,000 people.
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
Including all three rings, nearly 100 miles in diameter.
Related Ethnicity
Axiomi, though any can be found within its borders.


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