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Aries Crucible

The Aries Crucible on Mars is the largest professional fighting league in the solar system it hosts free championships types with weight classes for each the champion types are normal, exceptional, Mystikal,   normal holds the True humans contracted and formers of non strength related the animals. this is the standard on on fighting no special this just training in one's own Fist. exceptional hold superhumans, enhanced and formers this also is unarmed but on a much deadlier scale from the amount of force those races put out. So it happens less often but maybe visibly more exciting for some.   Mystical hold contracted and mansour's this focuses on the use of one's powers and no physical contact is to be had for about the fight it is a true visual treat usually held in outside Arena of much greater scale than the one that's used for other types of fights.

Purpose / Function

Hosting fights

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Mercantile Collective of Worlds

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