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The Crashing dust storms over mars finally controlled the cool breeze equal to a summer evening held one’s breath lingering in the air. It was the grand opening and the busiest day as it was what the people wanted, no needed this will be what will keep humanity together”

Purpose / Function

The storage of knowledge, and access it through the mouths of those who experienced it. Some talk to ancestors, others relive moments in history both good and bad.


The original landmark was just a rock formation, but when it was colonized the face of mars was taken care of to keep it's unique shape. With spiritual and technology the face of mars was preserved and remade into what is now the library of souls.


Technology has taken major leaps and bounds from the commercial to intergalactic, with some being stranger than fiction. One such example is the library of souls. A massive collection of hard drives and data located in select sections of galactic space such as Mars, Luna, and Ultima Thule. If it’s hard drives and data, why call it the library of souls? Some ask. Reason being is humans (as well as other races who acquire such technology.) upload a complete or part scan of their minds and life experience making sure it is preserved. The information can then be accessed by one using the main frame. Some use this as a way to pass down knowledge to future generations if they no longer with to live or wouldn’t get the opportunity. Others a type of immortality, and for some carnal pleasures. In truth the persons reasons are entirely their own.   Cydonia or the Face of mars, was the location of the first library of souls.

Alternative Names
Library of Souls, Face of Mars
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Citizen Union

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