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Became the default home of humanity for a time. Mars underwent terraforming to make it possible for life to take root and from those roots sprung a society worthy of humanity's name. Though for better or worst, much of humanities faults came with it. Greed became the driving force in time, and soon Mars based on Ares the god of war would see many a internal conflict.   Tech is king on Mars and the Enhanced it’s knights in shiny exoskeleton.   Wayfayer Teton   Capital: Oil-Martini or Manti. The name dates back to when oil and alcohol were in great demand on mars during the early days of its terraformation.   The city has since become a busy trade city with magnet pods and trains funneling through vast underground tunnel networks to ferry the masses, run by corporations holding the stings to everyday life here.


the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons; volcanoes in the northern Tharsis region that are so huge they deform the planet's roundness; and a gigantic equatorial rift valley, the Valles Marineris. This canyon system stretches a distance equivalent to the distance from New York to Los Angeles; Arizona's Grand Canyon could easily fit into one of the side canyons of this great chasm.

Fauna & Flora

With the help of spirits and cloning, a healthy selection of old and new planet life suited to mars populates the planets surface, and there are several animal species cloned unmutated and engineered for life on mars.

Natural Resources

aluminium, iron, magnesium, and titanium in the Martian soil. Opportunity found small structures, named "blueberries" which were found to be rich in hematite.

Alternative Name(s)
Aries, Neo Earth, Red Boi
Owning Organization
Citizen Union
Characters in Location

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