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Tradeyard is a settlement founded by the Merchant's Guild right next to the cavern of the Eye of Magic. It is sprawled out betwee the Timber Trail, leading to The Timber Keep, and the Road of the Council, which connects the Eye with the Seat.   A little satellite outpost in the south of the Eye, by the Southern Road coming up from Heatham serves as a distribution point, where the boats from Duskland and Heatham are unloaded and their goods transported over to the big warehouses of Tradeyard proper.   Although technically out of the jurisdiction of the Eye, the Merchant's Guild voluntarily follows the rules and edicts of the city as a sign of good will - after all, their reason for setting up their warehouses is not to evade the autorities influence, but simply ease of access. Windcarts don't work going up and down the cavern, and no one really wants to pull the carts of coal back up the road out of the cavern. This also has the comfortable side effects of not having to settle difficult conflicts on their own and instead to be able to refer conflict parties to the relevant authorities.


Despite the long era of peace since the establishment of the Council, Tradeyard is protected by a wooden palisade which is under guard at all times. People desiring entrance by night are subjected to questioning and, at the gatekeepers discretion, might well be denied entry. This is due in part to the still vaguely lingering awkwardnessnon-practitioners still feel around mages, but also because there's often wares of great value stored in the warehouses. At the cry of "Thief!", all guards are instructed to immediately close the gates and keep them guarded until further notice.


Warehouses along three of the main roads leading in and out of the Eye of Magic, as well as docks for moving the good both on the Cobalt River as well as the Silent River. Guesthouses for Guild member's and taverns for traders that don't want to make the half-day trip down into the Eye to find accommodation.
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