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The Lands of the Council

The Council of Archmages lays claim to all the lands ravaged by the The Mage Wars a few decades prior, in addition to Irim's discoveries in the The Northern Reaches. Irim has become one of the uniting figures of the young nation, and she has been heavily celebrated to give the quite different groups of the regions something to make them feel like part of one united land, instead of an arbitrary assortment of regions strung together by higher powers.   The lands of the Council stretch from the warm, almost mediterranean coast of the The Golden Plains up north until the unforgiving mountains of the The Northern Reaches with their rich flora and fauna. The The Living Forest was for the most time regarded as part of the Council lands, but ever since the The Timber Wars this belief has been shaken. At least the farmers living close to it treat it as No Man's Land for the time being, and all the effort of the wandering Druids to disperse their fears and foster a friendly relationship with the forest seem to be in vain for now.   Where the Old River meets the The Vast Sea, the imposing The Timber Keep used to be the center of the timber production. The aftermath of the Timber Wars has left this once busy city struggling to make ends meet, and some of their inhabitants got... creative with their business endeavours. Others ventured north to join the fur farmers of Dawnlight or explore the as of yet little known stretch of land. Some are trying to make a living among the fisherman of the The Windy Shore, though the Fishing Folk is not particularly kind to outsiders. Other went searching for their luck in the The Seat of the Council itself, and yet others went as far east as Hillswatch in the East.   The two most important locations by far are The Eye of Magic and the Seat of the Council proper. Most other regions feature as mere afterthoughts more often than not - which is a good sign. At least that means there is no major crisis going on.   The Council still is a very fragile thing, and while the income of properly taxing the whole country would be welcome to help strengthen the central government, the Archmages are all too aware of how little influence they actually have in the rural areas of the Rolling Hills, for example, or around Hillswatch or Dawnlight.  


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