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Timber Keep

The Timber Keep used to be the center of timber production in the lands of the Council. The neighboring Living Forest used to stretchall the way to the Vast Sea, but the hunger for timber and the charcoal burners drove the lumberjacks to completely raze the whole radius around it. They probably would have made short work of a hefty chunk of the Living Forest by now, too, had the Timber Wars not put an end to their activities.   Ever since the end of the war, Druids have begun to show up and try to teach the inhabitants of the Keep on how to sustainable manage a wood, but despite their druiduc magic facilitating the growth of the trees, there will be quite some time before timber production can start anew.   As a result, the population count has dropped dramatically and many houses behind the imposing wooden walls have begun to fall into disrepair, often being targeted by desperate plunderers who stayed behind and try to survive by scavenging. This is especially unsettling for the folks that are going to Dawnlight in summer to hunt for fur and game and return to the Timber Keep when the north gets dark even during the day. More often than not they find what they had left behind plundered and trashed. Multiple petitions to the authorities have been made concerning this, but with the decline in population the mayor has trouble keeping the city functional at all, and no solution has been found yet.


The town is heavily fortified by a large wooden palisade wall, as the attackers during the Timber Wars were less likely to attack wooden fortifications, thus keeping the town a somewhat safe place. A small trench runs around the town wall in a distance of about 2m, which used to be filled with flammable substances ready to be lit when an attack occured.

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