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Parana River

The Sun rises and the mist over the river is starting to dissapear,
its beams, sent by the father of the gods, cross the sky like an spear,
across the fertile, lifegiving and mighty rivers of this land,
I have the impression, that after all these years, my new home is near.
Yuya, the Seris adventurer, one of his many classical seris poems.
One of the largest rivers in the continent of Teria, and one of the main arteries of the region south of the Allirian Mountains , its lifegiving waters have witnessed the rise and fall of many Kingdoms. Near its waters even gods were born and raised!, and thanks to it the South has become one of the most fertile areas of Yeia capable of sustaining huge cities and highly populated realms.  
Parana river
A depiction of the Parana river and the settlements found alongside it

Geography and Climate

  The Parana River rises in the Allirian Mountains, west to the valley that also bears its name, the Parana Valley. It crosses the Half elf Territories from north to South, passing by very important cities such as Bazira, the capital of the Kingdom of Brire and finally reaching the Storm Sea forming, together with the river Noxus the delta where the city of Boria on the Delta, the capital of Stormitia, is located. The territory through which the river passes is mostly flat and covered by dense forests where you can find many elven villages. The northern regions, like the Parana Valley are usually dry and warm. During spring, temperature reaches 20 °C and rises to to 35 °C during the summer months. Rain is very frequent during autumn and winter, as well as snow and frost.  
by Callyxtus with Artbreeder
  Parana river near the Allirian Mountains. art by Callyxtus with Artbreeder   But as you descend down the river to the South the climate becomes more subtropical with hot and humid summers, and cool to mild winters. Seris travelers often affirm that the climate of the Southern regions around the Parana river were very similar to Center and Southern Seria.  
by Callyxtus with Artbreeder
  Parana river in the southern regions near the delta. art by Callyxtus with Artbreeder  


  The regions of the north in the Parana Valley are home to the famous Parana horses, considered as the best horse race in the world There the oronai colonists took advantage of the fertile and green pastures in order to create this elegant and fast race of horses; and indeed horse breeding has become one of the most common and profitable activities for many of the settlements around the great valley .  
Be aware of the Paranas, whose fine horses are swifter and faster than the wind.
— Nord proverb
by Shutterstock
  Parana horses grazing in the valley. photo by google   Another animals that can be seen very frequently on the mountains are wild goats and eagles alongside wolves and foxes. As you descend south of the Parana Valley and entering into the forest between the cities of Banias and Bazira, you find various races of Dragon Birds, most of them are of the "small size type" that feed on little creatures like lizzards, rabbits or partridges. East of the Parana river you will find Dragon Birds of bigger sizes capable of hunting cows, deers or zebras.  
Dragon Birds
Species | Nov 14, 2022
  Just south of Bazira, where the river Karash flows into the Parana river, down to the delta, you find more "impressive creatures" like the Speaking Trees, that have living in areas like the Lappyan Forest since the dawn of humans and elves and that fought and terrified the Oronai when they invaded these lands. As you approach the delta region the climate becomes more humid. Here in the rainforests lives the mighty Golden Tiger and Stormitian elephant, the later gives the Kingdom of Stormitia the nickname, land of the Elephant Kings, because of the great numbers of this animal (as they have no natural predator because Dragon Birds don't dare to attack elephants) and by their employement in war by the half elf kings. Zebras can also be seen in the valleys to the west of Boria on the Delta, near the Kadmion Hills.   And if what you like is fishing the Parana river has a lot of different species such as salmon, trout, eels and the strange lampreys.  

The home of great civilizations

  The region around the Parana river and its tributaries has been the birthplace of many civilizations. But the two more important are the elven kingdoms and the later half elf kingdoms of Brire and Stormitia. Formed decades after the Oronai human conquest of the region.  

The history of the elves in the Parana river region

Elves believed that their ancestors arrived during the "Time of the Heroes", thousands of years ago, and expelled the dwarves that lived in the region near the Allirian Mountains. There they stablished its first settlements near the river such as Banyas (modern Banias , Mas Ayrien (today called Assasia), Aes Moruthlon (called Morythia by the Oronai) and Bazira aand also deep inside the forests. It formed part of the Elven Confederation (often called the Realm of the Westen Elves and its successor state the Kingdom of the Green Elves from the late Bronze Age until the Great Elven civil War in the 2nd century BC.   After that conflict, the elves west of the Great Canal, didn't recognize the new king and declare their independence, entering the period known as the Period of the 5 Kingdoms ( 210 BP-198AP) that ended with the formation of the two great elven realms of Morythia and Sure. After the 5th century AP some dark magic wizzards began its preaching of these form of magic among the elves of Morythia, but most of them were persecuted, killed or flee the region, but some remained hidden. But at the turn of the 6th century the King of Morythia fell to the powers of the dark side of magic and began waging war agains Sure, prompting the King of Sure to seek help from the Steplian king Boros The Conqueror that lead to the eventual conquest of Morythia and the annexation of Sure after is king's death. Thus began a new age for the region around the Parana.  

The Oronai and Elvish-Oronai period

  With the arrival of the humans new technologies and tools arrived. And also new forms of land explotation. Although many forests and forest villages in the south were respected, many forest were massively cut down for new lands for agriculture and animal husbandry in the northern territories of the river. Also new cities were found like Boria on the Delta and many other elven settlements like Banias or Bazira were transformed into Oronai colonies. Also the region of the Parana Valley was affected by the formation of the two Elvish-Oronai Kingdoms of Brire and Stormitia that lead to some frontier conflicts specially during the first decades after the definitive split of the two half elf realms.

Cover image: by Callyxtus with Artbreeder


Author's Notes

image of the background made by John Mac.

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