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Apob Virbeb Vumbub: The Strong Weapon-Chest

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The AVV is a hexagonal box with a top that rises to a very tall steeple. From the bottom protrudes a copper tube that wraps around the box. It's believed that the tube was used both for filling the box with explosive material and for channeling a potential wick. There are no other built entrances into the box, though any wick that was originally set in the box has long since faded away into dust.

It is not quite known what material is inside the box that could cause such a monumental, geography-changing explosion, and no one with access to the box is in a hurry to find out. It's just assumed that the box has very explosive potential, and everyone leaves it at that.


It is believed that similar, smaller versions of the AVV were developed for the purposes of warfare, since the inscription on the side of the AVV reads, "May this now bring peace." There are a few depictions in wall paintings across the island of Irewa that depict what seems to be a star above the images of dead soldiers, implying that the "star" was used for war.

The AVV was found in the center of a room on a small pedestal. On the left and right walls were images of Irewa's first and second volcanoes erupting and destroying cities beneath them. Right behind the AVV was what appeared to be instructions and a map of the region around Irewa's third volcano. Aside from the evacuation routes (which archeologists now confirm were followed), there were instructions to place and ignite the AVV at a certain point to create a valley and redirect the volcano's pyroclastic flow. This would, so archeologists piece together, protect the evacuation route from fleeing citizens.

Sadly, for whatever reason, the AVV never made it off its pedestal, and the evacuees died in their vain attempts. It is hypothesized by some historians that the people of Irewa stayed on the island because of the AVV, in the hopes that the AVV could defang the volcano's bite and protect the remaining Irewans from further danger. Now that there was no more hope, the villagers left Irewa to settle in less hectic climes.
Item type
Weapon, Explosive
Current Location

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