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Tippen's Tap


Kasser Tippen is the owner and operator of the most popular tavern and brewery in Leechwood. The establishment is beloved for its welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices, but it is the specialty mead, Steel Nector, that draws crowds nightly. Tippen's Tap is recognized as the most popular tavern in all of Leechwood.


Kasser Tippen is a blue dragonborn in his middle-ages, with burn scars scattered across his arms and hands. He is almost always behind the bar, and can often be sought out to learn what gossip there is around town. He knows almost everyone, and is a well liked guy. Getting on his bad side will not earn you any friends within Leechwood.

  Steel Nector

Steel Nector, is a delicious amber mead which grants the consumer a +1 to all constitution checks and saving throws for the next 3 hours. Consumer must have consumed a pint of Steel Nector to receive these benefits. Kasser Tippen's exact recipe is a close held secret, but it is widely known now that the heating of the bark to a specific temperature, followed by the fermentation process, is integral in the quality of the liquid produced. Only Kasser Tippen has discovered what that temperature is, and he has the scars to show for all the times his attempts went poorly.


Appearance of Establishment

Located a few houses away from Jarl Bowman's longhouse, Tippen's Tap is an impressive building mostly comprised of stone. There is a wood veranda that extends out from the front door and those looking for some armor or odd's and ends, should speak with Karazi the Iron-willed. Her shop; The Armored Cask, can be found on the veranda of Tippen's Tap.


There is plenty of room inside of the building, with a large sitting room for the average patron and a corner in the back reserved for the upper crust of society to enjoy a game of cards or a cask of spirits in peace. There are a couple rooms up stairs that can be rented out for a reasonable price, if desired. But more often then not, these rooms are used to house those who are too intoxicated to get themselves home. Anyone who has to stay a night in the tavern due to intoxication, will not be served within the tavern for at least a week. This is meant to keep lecher's from taking advantage of Tippen's generous hospitality.





Beverage Cost
Summer Ale, mug 4 cp
Summer Ale, gallon 2 sp
Wild Berry Wine, bottle 5 gp
Wild Berry Wine, cup 5 sp
Steel Nector, bottle 24 gp
Steel Nector, cup 7 gp
Wine, pitcher 2 sp
Fine Wine, bottle 10 gp
Coffee 5 cp
Water -
Coconut Water 5 cp




Breakfast Cost
Roasted Locusts (Commoner) 3 cp
Cheese Omelet (Commoner) 4 cp
Bacon & Egg Sandwich (Merchant) 3 sp
Meat and Cheese Pancakes (Merchant) 5 sp
Honeyed Buns (Noble) 1 gp
Bacon & Owlbear Eggs (Noble) 2 gp


Lunch Cost
Traveler's Stew (Commoner) 4 cp
Meat and Cheese Platter (Commoner) 6 cp
Roast Lamb and Cheese (Merchant) 4 sp
Boar Tenderloin and Potatoes (Merchant) 5 sp
Grilled Salmon and Greens (Merchant) 6 sp
Shellfish Platter (Noble) 3 gp
Stone Turtle Soup (Noble) 4 gp
Lamb and Brioche Fondue (Noble) 5 gp


Dinner Cost
Meat of the Day Stew (Commoner) 5 cp
Hunter's Pie (Merchant) 4 sp
Crocodile Steak (Merchant) 5 sp
Fried Bullywug Legs (Merchant) 4 gp
Buffalo Ribeye & Roasted Potatoes (Noble) 2 gp
Dragon Steak and Poached Eggs (Noble) 5 gp
Golden Fish Caviar (Noble) 3 gp

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